How To Use Bourtree In A Sentence

  • We were told at the time, as a reason for this prohibition, that it was poisonous; but we discovered afterwards that there was another reason, viz., that it was unlucky to break off even a small twig from a bourtree bush. Folk Lore Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotland within This Century
  • ’ pursued his guide, ‘on this very spot the man fell from his horse—I was behind that bourtree-bush at the very moment. Chapter LIII
  • I was behind that bourtree bush at the very moment. Guy Mannering
  • At the byre end the old rowan-trees were creaking and groaning to the violence of the gale, the bourtree bushes were flattened near to the ground, and everywhere was white. The McBrides A Romance of Arran
  • A little behind went Connoway, in the same manner holding a "bourtree" pop-gun which he had just been fashioning for some lucky callant of his acquaintance. The Dew of Their Youth
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  • In some parts of Scotland, people would not put a piece of elder wood into the fire, and I have seen, not many years ago, pieces of this wood lying about unused, when the neighbourhood was in great straits for firewood; but none would use it, and when asked why? the answer was -- "We don't know, but folks say it is not lucky to burn the bourtree. Folk Lore Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotland within This Century
  • The wind blew higher, and like a hurricane; the rain began to fall in perfect spouts; the auld kirk rumbled and rowed, and made a sad soughing; and the branches of the bourtree behind the house, where auld Cockburn that cut his throat was burned, creaked and crazed in a frightful manner; but as to the roaring of the troubled waters, and the bumming in the lum-head, they were past all power of description. The Life of Mansie Wauch tailor in Dalkeith

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