How To Use Bougainvillaea In A Sentence

  • It had arches and balconies entwined with bougainvillaea, and wide patios with tubs of vivid red geraniums. At The Spaniard's Convenience
  • We were happy together, sitting on this balcony shaded by bougainvillaea visited by bees, but now it is the war; the war has returned, and Pelagia knits her brow and frowns. Captain Corelli's Mandolin
  • The exhibition includes a South African ficus, a tamarind with pods, elephant grass from Africa, cherry, bougainvillaea, fig, Accacia and trees collected from forests.
  • A heavy scent, mimosa or bougainvillaea, gave the air an oppressive, physical quality. LOOKING FOR THE SPARK
  • On the right-hand side were small bungalows with tiled roofs and gardens in front, each one planted with bougainvillaea. The Empty Family
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  • Exotic plants such as bougainvillaea, duranta and pyracantha have been used in gardens for many years.
  • We parked up under some bougainvillaea that fell down the walled garden of the house on the opposite corner to mine. INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS
  • Palm trees did not sway, nor did bougainvillaea flower in the botanically anonymous uninterrupted scrub. Sulfur Island
  • And there, behind the flowering bougainvillaea, was a sprawling villa: two storeys high, with white shutters, many of them hanging loose. Above Suspicion
  • And the hibiscus, the bottlebrush, the ghost gums, the bougainvillaea up above the world so high, the pepper trees. THE THORN BIRDS
  • Tall plants like palms or bougainvillaeas can be put on little trolleys and wheeled across the roads when the clock strikes six.
  • With the artist as a guide, Henry also learned to savor the infinity of violets in the clouds above the luminous sea which was “butterfly blue,” according to La Farge, the purplish-rose of bougainvillaea blossoms, the brilliance of the lemons, and the “fiercely green” acacia. The Five of Hearts
  • The seven boys who beat him are in jail, but their benefactors, the two sarpanch brothers Niranjan Singh Sidhu and Jaswant Singh live barely half a kilometre away in a faux haveli, with bougainvillaea spilling out of their walls. Archive 2006-07-01

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