[ US /ˈbɔˌɹɑn/ ]
[ UK /bˈɔːɹɒn/ ]
  1. a trivalent metalloid element; occurs both in a hard black crystal and in the form of a yellow or brown powder
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How To Use boron In A Sentence

  • The major ores of boron are a small number of borate (boron oxide) minerals, including ulexite (NaCaB5O9. 8H2O), borax (Na2B4O5 (OH) 4. 8H2O), colemanite (Ca2B6O11. 5H2O) and kernite (Na2B4O6 (OH) 2. 3H2O). Boron
  • [13] Boric acid is a common constituent of several minerals such as borax, boracite, boronatrocaicite and colemanite. CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]
  • We described in the paper a new type of polishing pill manufactured by using a rensentlysynthesized superhard ceramic powders of wurtzite-type boron nitride (WBN).
  • Besides hydrogen and its isotope deuterium, researchers use the isotopes of boron, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon.
  • In addition, soy also contains magnesium and boron, which are important co-factors of calcium for bone health.
  • Only small amounts of wurtzite boron nitride and lonsdaleite exist naturally or have been made in the lab so until now no one had realised their superior strength.
  • Usually when you catch one and open it, you'll find the tank full of ugly chemicals like lithium pentafluorophenyl borate etherate, methoxyphenyl-boronic acid or naphthylboronic acid. Sun of Suns
  • A training workshop for researchers and documentalists was held for the first time in Gaborone in June 1997.
  • After boron atom enter diamond's crystal lattice, the structure and character will be changed.
  • By forcing crystals of germanium or silicon to grow with impurities such as boron or phosphorus, the crystals gain entirely different electrical conductive properties.
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