boracic acid

  1. any of various acids containing boron and oxygen
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How To Use boracic acid In A Sentence

  • Adding additives or materials containing crystal water, boracic acid(Sentencedict), boron salt and lithium salt would improve the ability of shielding neutron radiation.
  • For this reason Jackie always adds boracic acid or borax to the spice and glue mix.
  • They would not doubtless have the advantages of the wicks which are impregnated with boracic acid, and which vitrify as they burn and are entirely consumed, but Cyrus Harding having manufactured a beautiful pair of snuffers, these candles would be greatly appreciated during the long evenings in Granite House. The Mysterious Island
  • The same impurities found in the stream are also found in the lake, where the water is so saturated with salt, boracic acid, etc., that one can no more sink in it than in the water of the Great Salt lake; and I found it so saturated that after swimming in it a little while the skin all over my body was gnawed and made very sore by the acids. Scientific American Supplement, No. 829, November 21, 1891
  • From the acids in insoluble and a few other compounds, chromic, arsenic, and arsenious acids, by fusion with carbonate of soda in presence of carbonic acid gas; borate of manganese is readily decomposed when the boracic acid is to be determined by boiling with solution of potassa, dissolving the residue in hydrochloric acid and precipitating the manganese as binoxide. Scientific American Supplement, No. 324, March 18, 1882
  • Sprinkle the boracic acid powder over the injured part and bandage.
  • The others such as boracic acid, borax and soda are often used for sweetening the brine and to keep it from spoiling but are not absolutely essential. Every Step in Canning
  • There is a white crystalline substance found native in volcanic districts called boracic acid. Elements of Chemical Philosophy: Part 1, Vol.1
  • Only the powder is effective since the boracic acid works when it is picked up by the sticky pads on the bottom of the feet of the cockroach.
  • He could put up with the loss of supplies of things like iodine and calamine lotion, since there were alternatives that worked just as well, but there had been no supply of boracic acid ever since the outbreak of the war, since that particular substance had always come from the volcanic steam of Tuscany; it was the best drug he knew of for coping with infections of the bladder and foulness of the urine. Captain Corelli's Mandolin
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