How To Use Bootes In A Sentence

  • The highlight for me that night was Xi Bootes. This colorful double lies about 8 degrees east of Arcturus.
  • And if he can telle mee of a citie on earthe where one can see more prettye, tiny feete, in neater shoos or gaytered bootes, thann hee may then beholde, I wolde fayne knowe where itt is, thatt I maye go there too. The Continental Monthly, Vol. 2, No. 1, July, 1862
  • By meridian altitudes of E Bootes, a Coronae Borealis, a Lyrae (Vega), and Aquilae (Altair), Explorations in Australia, Illustrated,
  • Which I'd be aheap loath to count the numbers them two attribootes harries to the tomb. Wolfville Nights
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