How To Use Bombardier In A Sentence

  • While they were doing so, the bombardier looked back to see that the bombs had landed for the most part in a wooded area and along a roadway.
  • These determined if you were accepted and also had a bearing on what training you would be funneled to - fighter pilot, bomber pilot, navigator or bombardier.
  • Shorts makes nacelle systems, fuselages, flight controls and air defence systems for Bombardier.
  • He points to an Earth bug called the bombardier beetle that produces a boiling-hot spray that is 25 percent hydrogen peroxide as a defense weapon. Is This Really Necessary? « UDreamOfJanie
  • Cater Lee was the bombardier in Henderson's first crew, where Richard served as a co-pilot.
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  • Montreal-based Bombardier supplies the lightweight fiberglass rail cars and has a five-year operations and maintenance contract.
  • The pilot had been knocked unconscious from the explosion and the co-pilot, bombardier, navigator and engineer - believing the pilot was dead - had bailed out.
  • The former bombardier - now a security guard at the Imperial War Museum North - spent five months in Iraq during the 1991 conflict.
  • Later that night at the officer's club, a pilot called the bombardier "yellow," saying he ought to be "kicked out" of the squadron; others present agreed and declared they never wanted to fly with him. Miss Yourlovin: GIs, Gender, and Domesticity during World War II
  • As the sergeant/bombardier adjusted his bombsight for drift, the pilot followed it with small turn corrections to keep the needle centered.
  • For safety's sake, starting November 23, all domestic airlines were ordered to ground their Bombardier CRJ - 200 jetliners for inspection.
  • Crews were being trimmed to nine because they determined it was unnecessary to have a qualified bombardier in every plane in the formation.
  • He points to an Earth bug called the bombardier beetle that produces a boiling-hot spray that is 25 percent hydrogen peroxide as a defense weapon.
  • Although every member of a combat crew contributed to the success of the whole, the pilot was the focus of his fellows 'hopes and fears, for, in bombardier Moritz Thomsen's words, he "held our lives in his hands. Miss Yourlovin: GIs, Gender, and Domesticity during World War II
  • If you are curious about the bombardier beetle, by the way, what actually happens is as follows.
  • The navigator wrote down the numbers of the quadrants, read them back, and then got out of the way so the bombardier could set up his racks for the bomb run.
  • For Mr. Trent, and other Bombardier bulls, the drivers are these: The C Series, despite short-term blips, is winning favourable reviews and should be a long-term success. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • He was there for eight months, during which he rose to the rank of bombardier.
  • Here we were subjected to another physical and now had to take a battery of tests to determine whether we would be pilots, navigators or bombardiers.
  • Drawing on his experiences as a bombardier during the War, the novel is set among flyers on the Italian front.
  • Negroes with a lower stanine (aptitude) had been accepted in order to secure enough candidates to meet the quota for pilots, navigators, and bombardiers in the black units. Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965
  • The bombardier and the pilot forgot to put on their dark glasses and therefore witnessed the flash which was terrific.
  • Louie Zamparini, 94, Olympic hero, WWII bombardier, plane crash survivor, tortured POW and survivor of post-war turmoil who "has not been angry a single day in the last 40 years. Jinny Ditzler: Where There's a Will, There's a Way
  • Bombardier, the world's third-largest plane maker, also said Wednesday it received an order for its CSeries narrowbody jetliners from Sweden's Braathens Aviation Group. Bombardier's Profit Rises 13%
  • Airbus last year rushed out its A320neo, a new version of its bread-and-butter narrowbody, equipped with a new fuel-saving engine, and its chief salesman let it be known a motive was to spoil the business case for a new plane planned by Canada's Bombardier. Plane Crazy
  • That evening I discussed it with our crew's bombardier, Lt. Jim ‘Pot’ Potvin, who agreed that it was worth a try.
  • For safety's sake, all domestic airlines were ordered to ground their Bombardier CRJ - 200 jetliners for inspection after the accident.
  • At this time the bombardier instructed Tarcza to activate the bombs.
  • The bombardier and navigator were pleased that we had not run into anything but my spirits were low.
  • The same holds true for the cockpit and bombardier's position.
  • It is in this context that the Bombardier Tibet Professional Training Program was designed.
  • After we decided the thing was not going to burn, the bombardier got in the nose to take out the bombsight and I got in the cockpit to get the classified papers.
  • Military officers were in charge of the battle and commanded both soldiers and gunmen - ‘bombardieri’, and sopracomito, while officers ran the boat with sailors and rowers - galliots.
  • Harold Ings, 86, a bombardier with the Royal Artillery was one of the soldiers whose unit was surrounded by Germans in occupied France.
  • In his own work he's now studying large Venezuelan bombardiers to learn how the insects aim their weapons and to understand more about the glands involved.
  • He had known for ever so long why at the head of each battery there rode a stalwart bombardier, and why he was called a bombardier; immediately behind this bombardier could be seen the horsemen of the first and then of the middle units. The Party
  • The word 'disciplined' ... is conceding that there used to be a problem, he said, adding that a publicly funded procurement could benefit Bombardier, owner of Britain's last remaining train factory, because it will not have to provide guarantees on private financing. Transport for London warns against PFI deal for Crossrail
  • Its fuselage is made by Bombardier's subsidiary in Northern Ireland, Shorts of Belfast. Britain in Europe
  • Mr Hornby, a bombardier in the Royal Artillery during the Second World War, was ordered on a perilous mission while acting as a dispatch rider in Italy.
  • Finally, The bombardier presses a button to release the bomb.
  • Equivalent ranks in the Royal Artillery are lance-bombardier and bombardier, harking back to the ancient rank of bombardier, a species of trained artilleryman.
  • Lewis served in the 1914-18 war first as a bombardier at Ypres and then as a Canadian war artist.
  • China's CDB Leasing Co. will offer predelivery payment financing, delivery financing and leasing solutions to customers of Bombardier's CSeries, Q400 and CRJ aircraft, the Montreal company said in a statement. Corporate Watch
  • In the 1950s, while working as a copywriter on Madison Avenue, he quit writing stories and started strategizing a novel based on his wartime experience as a bombardier in the Army Air Corps. Major Minor
  • There even was a couple of Bombardier passenger train cars, between a boxcar and a flatcar, for use in St. Louis' new commuter rail system, not to be confused with its light rail system.
  • He went to navigation, bombardier and observer school at hot and humid Ellington Air Force Base, Texas, near Houston.
  • The search is complicated by the Bombardier's obviously faulty memory, but the novel concludes with the trio's discovery of the ruins of the bombed-out target, presumably validating the Bombardier's remembered experience. July 2010
  • The cars are being assembled at Bombardier's Thunder Bay works, and 112 have been delivered to date.
  • Additionally, the Bombardier Beetle has the ability to direct its defensive spray toward its aggressor with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Bombardier Roy Brown's daughter Judy Valentini inspects the wrecked wing of an aircraft during the visit to Horn Island.
  • The great family of ground beetles (Carabidæ) almost all possess a disagreeable and some a very pungent smell, and a few, called bombardier beetles, have the peculiar faculty of emitting a jet of very volatile liquid, which appears like a puff of smoke, and is accompanied by a distinct crepitating explosion. Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection A Series of Essays
  • Zwerin: The navigator guides the pilot there, and the bombardier is the one to line up the plane over the target -- 2nd Lt. Jack Kaplan, USAAF
  • By the time bombardier Billy Wood and navigator John Wilson chinned themselves into position through the nose hatch, I had pumped some of the ground crew for the naked lady's background.
  • Satisfied that his three navigators were in agreement, the pilot ordered the bombardier to pick out a mean point of impact, synchronize, and drop the bombs.
  • They will be seized upon by Canada's Bombardier, the closest competitor to the big two, whose CSeries jet is due to have its maiden flight in 2012 and enter commercial service in 2013.
  • After World War II begins, Zinn decides to enlist in the Air Force as a bombardier even though his navy yard job would have provided an exemption.
  • It has made thousands of dollars for the creators, got its own website and given birth to all sorts of iFart sounds, including the cheekily named "silent but deadly," "bombardier" and Undefined
  • Another fun vehicle is the bomber, which can seat up to three people - a pilot, a bombardier, and a tailgunner.
  • But since the snowcat was a bit under the weather, our group of 12 made the 25-mile trip in a 1957 dark blue Bombardier. Sue Frause: Enjoying Quebec's Luxurious Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge
  • The Max uses the 498 cc Rotax single cylinder four-stroke engine and Bombardier's Visco-lok traction system.
  • Rather, the aircraft dropped it as a normal bomb, then the bombardier guided its steep descent by radio remote control.
  • At the age of nineteen, Heller enlisted as an air force bombardier in Italy.
  • Here is where we were assigned to the 96th Bomb Group, except Lewis, the bombardier, who went elsewhere.
  • The bombardier beetle's name might scare off predators if they knew it.

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