1. Austrian physicist who contributed to the kinetic theory of gases (1844-1906)
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How To Use Boltzmann In A Sentence

  • The method is worked out to determine the Boltzmann constant accurately with the aid of the I-V characteristic of the transistor diode.
  • For each x, henceforth also called the microstate, we define the macrostate (Boltzmann's term was Komplexion) as Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics
  • The Ehrenfests (1912) paper was the first to recognize these questions, and to provide a partial answer: Assuming a certain hypothesis of Boltzmann's, which they dubbed the ergodic hypothesis, they pointed out that for an isolated system the micro-canonical distribution is the unique stationary probability distribution. Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics
  • The latter can now be calculated from the Boltzmann equation.
  • Shannon found out that his equation was isomorphic with Boltzmann's equation of entropy.
  • During the equilibration phase, the velocities were reassigned every 0.5 ps, conforming to the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution.
  • This project involves: investigate fast methods of simulating water and gas: ranging from molecular dynamics but with simplified potentials, various optimizations, coarse graining methods, to lattice Boltzmann methods; investigate existing libraries for water simulation (for example take a look at elbeem library from Blender) implement selected method of simulation or incorporate selected library in StepCore implement GUI in Step for creating and modifying macroscopical quantities of gas and watter KDE TechBase - Recent changes [en]
  • It didn’t help that von Neuman and Shannon started using the term entropy for a formula in information theory that looked a lot like Boltzmann’s expression for entropy. Evidence that the Second Law of Thermodynamics is wrong? - The Panda's Thumb
  • Though I just stated the Boltzmannian account of entropy increase in terms of entropy increasing into the future, the explanation can be turned around and made for the past temporal direction as well. Thermodynamic Asymmetry in Time
  • Constants, even something as ‘obvious’ as the Stefan-Boltzmann constant, were something I got introduced to as problems in numerical analysis quite a few years ago. Open Climate Science or Denial of Service attacks? | Serendipity
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