How To Use Blunderer In A Sentence

  • Well, he's still there - and, no matter what this serial blunderer does, he will stay put as long as the people are not given a choice in the matter.
  • So maybe old Rene wasn't such a blunderer after all! Ayn Rand, Wise Philosopher Despite Some Bad Arguments, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Although blunderers aren't condemned for their blundering, and criminals aren't arraigned for their crimes, the evidence which might have condemned them is diligently recorded.
  • He was called "Isaac the blunderer" for his troubles. Augustine on Creation
  • Apparently City's owners had decided he was not a front-of-house man, but you can't keep a blunderer down, and I'm glad to say this comeback had all the inevitability of another Barbra Streisand farewell tour. Manchester City's Garry Cook – a man for football's crazy times | Marina Hyde
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  • Any objective observer must report that the universe, if it is the product of conscious design, is clear proof that the designer is incompetent, a blunderer, an all-thumbs amateur who should not be allowed back into the workshop.
  • Can we really have elected a Prime Minister - a person who speaks for and represents Canada on an international, multicultural now the Chinese are right big on multiculturalism - MC world stage - the kind of blunderer that Stephen Harper increasingly appears to be? Daimnation!: Another spy in Canada, Chinese this time
  • The military establishment in Israel believes that it is better with the "blunderer" they know than the unpredictable successor. Raghida Dergham: Israeli Strike Aimed to Break the Syrian-Iranian Alliance
  • It also explores his failings, as an FBI snitch during the 50s and a foreign policy blunderer whose machinations verged, on criminal. Tonight's TV highlights: Bible's Buried Secrets | Katie; My Beautiful Friends | Katie: Jade Changed My Life | True Stories: Love, Lust And Lies | Storyville – American Idol: Reagan
  • Whether you feel that he's a plain thief, or simply a monumental blunderer, none of that matters.
  • At school, the boys' lives had been made a misery by a ridiculous and pompous teacher, Félix-Fréderic Hébert, and they had retaliated by composing mock-epics depicting him as a gluttonous blunderer. That Ubu That He Did So Well
  • But what if the limpidly tutor to be a despotic maravilla blunderer, atonicity vet, calabura thunderer prisonbreak, increasing demurrage, hectogram crazy, and all tightly rijstaffel amnesiac of a guy? Rational Review
  • 'Since sectarians, as in general every kind of blunderer and miracle-man, are toppled by reality at each step, they live in a state of perpetual exasperation, complaining about the In Defence of Marxism
  • Always leaping before they look, the barely postadolescent blunderers of "Go" keep suffering dire consequences from dimly perceived causes. Dark
  • The blunderer, thinking that with this strong assistance he could not fail to defeat us. George Washington’s First War
  • There is a third possibility, which has been under-considered: that they are, quite simply, blunderers.

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