How To Use Bluetongue In A Sentence

  • HD is caused by two closely related viruses, epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) or bluetongue virus. Anti-Deer-Hunting Billboard Goes Up in Kansas City
  • Bluetongue is a particularly nasty non-contagious, insect-borne viral disease of ruminants, from sheep to dromedaries. Times, Sunday Times
  • The vaccines Zulvac 8 Ovis and Zolvac 8 Bovis, from Fort-Dodge Animal Health Ltd, are intended for the active immunisation of sheep and cattle respectively, to prevent viraemia (the presence of virus in the blood stream) caused by the Bluetongue virus serotype 8. Health News from Medical News Today
  • C. sonorensis are known to be disease carriers, or vectors, that transmit bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic viruses among livestock and wildlife.
  • Cause: belong to disease area of foot and mouth disease, small remasticate animal pestilence, sheep (goat) pox, bluetongue and ked itch disease.
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  • catarrhal fever is any of several respiratory or oral diseases of livestock such as bluetongue in horses and sheep
  • The first case of "bluetongue" disease has been detected in France, the French Agriculture Ministry said on Thursday.
  • Outbreaks of bluetongue disease, a viral disease of sheep, have been reported in Bulgaria and Sardinia, locations where the disease was previously unknown.
  • In August 2006, Dutch authorities reported the first ever case of bluetongue in Northern Europe.
  • Bats eat a midge called Culicoides, which carries bluetongue, a devastating livestock disease that is moving northwards in Europe as a result of climate change.
  • A doctor from the Institute for Animal Health said: ‘This year the bluetongue virus reached Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica and mainland Italy for the first time.’

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