How To Use Bluestone In A Sentence

  • Weighing about four tons and between six and nine feet in height, the bluestones would have been transported 240 miles to the famous site at Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England.
  • Some horse owners prefer dirt floors with bluestone or clay for drainage and traditional straw or sawdust bedding.
  • My description might sound a bit mechanistic - it is hard to describe in words - but these ramp spaces look wonderful with sunlight grazing and enlivening the original bluestone and the new glass walling in the late afternoon.
  • Your black-eyed Susans looked like pompoms, they said, your bluestone benches like funeral biers. Leading Off (1/27/10) | FrontBurner
  • -- Mordant the wool by boiling one and a half to two hours in a bath made with 5 lb. copperas, 2 lb. bluestone, 2 lb. alum, and 10 lb. argol. The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics
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  • This method can be carried out in, for instance, dyeing a cochineal scarlet with tin crystals, a yellow from fustic and alum, a black from logwood and copperas and bluestone, a red from madder and bichrome, and the dyeing of the Alizarine colours by the use of chrome fluoride, etc. The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics
  • Adjacent to the lower pool, Sargent placed a patio paved with Connecticut bluestone.
  • Star magnolias, Japanese snowbell, dogwoods, and a white fringe tree are planted on either side of another bluestone path that cuts through the sophisticated woodland.
  • Across the alley ran the bluestone wall of a private stable, attached to some mansion house a few streets away on a fashionable square. WICKED: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST
  • Barbara Bender traces an elemental progression over time in the building of the monuments, from ditch banks of earth to chalk, to wood, and then to stone: both the relatively local sarsen and the bluestone from far away. Wildwood
  • If you lack the time or expertise to plant your own cranesbills, lay a bluestone walk, or install terraces.
  • The river mouth was reinforced by low walls of bluestone in the latter part of the 19th Century and the stone walls hold the river to this day, protecting the boats and supporting the piers.
  • The saddening may be and is commonly done in the same bath, that is, after the wool has been stuffed it is lifted, the mordant -- copperas, bluestone, bichrome, or alum -- is added, and the wool is re-entered into the bath. The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics
  • Granite Tile, Marble Tile, paves granites , curbstone, Bluestone Tile, Slate Tile, Granite Countertops, Mosaic.
  • Dwarf mondo grass edges paths made from bluestone and black Mexican beach pebbles.
  • The stucco was pocked and peeling, and the bluestone walk leading to the front door was cracked and chipped, as thin as fingernails in places. The Bird House
  • Pembrokeshire's millennium bluestone has certainly not been associated with luck in the past.
  • The Preseli Hills, source of the Stonehenge bluestones, lie within one of the highly radiogenic areas in which the ‘Boscombe Bowmen’ were born.
  • After the ill-fated attempt to drag it to Stonehenge, the notorious bluestone has finally reached its new home on the back of a lorry.
  • The first such structure comprised two concentric circles of bluestones imported from southwest Wales set up around 2500 bc.
  • It stands on a low and unornamented polished granite plinth in the centre of a small square of bluestone which sits flush with the surrounding turf.
  • Features: Study, two fireplaces, a patio, bluestone terraces, a guest suite with a kitchenette, a stocked pond, two-car garage, a barn with two stalls. Montgomery, Ala.: Home prices hurt even here
  • The sunroom was a glass-enclosed portion of the terrace, floored in Pennsylvania bluestone, furnished with wicker pieces that had floral print cushions. Ricochet
  • Slog, slog, slog-with buckets of hot water to break up the ice in the water trough, with loads of cat litter or bluestone to deal with ice or mud, with hay for the pastures.
  • Made of dark, impenetrable bluestone, long and narrow like the grave, you might say the feng shui is grim, not the place for a picnic.
  • Destruction by poisoning is accomplished by inoculating the thick leaves with arsenic or bluestone, which is sprayed upon them after the plants have been hacked so that the poison may be absorbed by the sap, which distributes the deadly substance. Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania
  • The prospect of a legal challenge to the Bluestone planning decision is proving a barrier in the minds of prospective job applicants.
  • Several bluestones in the central oval were removed so that the remaining eleven formed a horseshoe imitating the trilithon setting.
  • To the right of the manor stood some small buildings that were probably used as servants quarters, again made of bluestone.
  • Sullivan leveled the top of the slope and installed a lawn, then built stairs of 3-inch-thick, randomly cut chunks of Connecticut bluestone on the base rock.
  • Rayon Richards for The Wall Street Journal Ms. Vincent said she also redid the bluestone patio off the kitchen and dining room. A Ridgewood Colonial
  • bluestone" with which its fiery contents were strengthened, would work the passionate natures, on which it was to play, up to the proper crime-committing pitch. The Story of the Foss River Ranch
  • Built beneath a grandstand of lumpy bluestone, it features honour boards the length of the room and memorabilia cabinets filled with old footy boots and yellowing programs.
  • South African cooks were accused of putting "bluestone" (or copper sulfate) in Army food. Miss Yourlovin: GIs, Gender, and Domesticity during World War II
  • The top of the bluestone doorframe is a vast transversal stone upon which the building's name is engraved, along with other fancy basso-relievo serving as decoration.
  • Home at last: the controversial bluestone is laid to rest in the National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire.
  • And, she adds, at a time when essential City services are under real financial pressure, the city's hiring outside lawyers to fight its citizens instead of fixing the flood-prone city's drainage system, or the uneven bluestone sidewalks that trip visiting pedestrians Andrew Reinbach: Historic Preservation Goes Bananas
  • After the ill-fated attempt to drag it to Stonehenge, the notorious bluestone has finally reached its new home on the back of a lorry.
  • Each one is surrounded by hedges and a bluestone terrace with seating, and according to Cetra/Ruddy founding principal Nancy Ruddy, the "mullion-free glass" floor-to-ceiling windows create "an indoor/outdoor experience for residents using the space. Tishman Speyer Unveils Stuy Town Movie Theater, Library
  • Nor-Carla bluestone is a type of slate quarried exclusively in North Carolina.
  • A winding path of bluestone connects the house to the pool and a new patio.
  • It's made of bluestone with gilt decoration, and stands about 1.5m high at the topmost corner.
  • A man in Co. Limerick found that blight could be controlled by an application of bluestone and lime, or bluestone and washing soda.
  • Then President Bartlet and CJ, under cover of night, climbed up the outside bluestone circus, where the President set a chair on fire with his cigarette and then distracted the Nazis by pretending to be God. Archive 2009-10-01
  • Petite plants don't obstruct views for drivers or pedestrians, and a generous border of bluestone interplanted with bluestar creeper allows guests ample room to open car doors and alight without stepping on the plants.
  • It stands on a low and unornamented polished granite plinth in the centre of a small square of bluestone which sits flush with the surrounding turf.
  • Some horse owners prefer dirt floors with bluestone or clay for drainage and traditional straw or sawdust bedding.
  • Until about 1960, it could fairly have been said that Melbourne's central city buildings were built mainly of bluestone, sandstone, brick, stucco or concrete, with the occasional addition of marble or granite.
  • The same paving materials, brick and bluestone, are used throughout, but different paving patterns distinguish each area.
  • At the entrance to the road to the furthest hill stands a big bluestone tablet on which is incised, ‘Ancient Longzhong’ with a couplet on both sides.
  • The fireplaces were stone with oak mantle-trees and bluestone hearthstones.

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