How To Use Blue-blooded In A Sentence

  • Her notoriously blue-blooded appearance changed too. Times, Sunday Times
  • If you are gearing up to buy the latest premium sports utility vehicle or sedan in the market and feel that you will be the proud owner of a real blue-blooded luxury car, there is news for you.
  • One of the first venture capitalist-funded IT services firms in India, it had a blue-blooded cast of senior IT professionals from companies such as Wipro, Cambridge Technology Partners and Lucent. India's Mindtree Gets Itself Into A Muddle
  • The two scrub cows that came with the place I sold to the butcher for thirty dollars each, paying two hundred and fifty for two blue-blooded Jersey heifers ... and coined money on the exchange, while Calkins and the rest went right on with their scrubs that couldn't give enough milk to pay for their board. CHAPTER III
  • A blue-blooded lady born of a marriage between members of the Al-Rasheed and Shammar tribes - which makes her a relative of the current Saudi Arabian King Abdullah - she ruled the province of Ha'il from 1911 to 1914 as an administrator of her minor grandson's estate. Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi: Just a Century Ago, a Woman Ruled in the Gulf
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  • He was stared at a bit rudely, but not spoken to by the sedate patricians of blue-blooded society who were present.
  • Well, Charles, is at best a stony-faced pampered blue-blooded good-for-nothing.
  • Throughout the ages, the blue-blooded bunch have caused shockwaves. The Sun
  • And will the secret entrance be reserved for his blue-blooded friends? Times, Sunday Times
  • People envied her for her blue-blooded, patrician beauty and her ability to keep her cool under the toughest of situations.
  • Steve, like many of us, is not a blue-blooded aristocrat but an honest British citizen who loves hunting and enjoys the privilege of riding around the countryside.
  • The blue-blooded broker did not expect a rate rise to upset the property market unduly. Times, Sunday Times
  • In 1981, he became the country's fourth prime minister, but the first commoner after a trio of blue-blooded patricians.
  • The blue-blooded stockbroker has now earned that accolade beyond all doubt. Times, Sunday Times
  • There's blue-blooded tradition for you. Times, Sunday Times
  • He's gone out of his way not to mention his blue-blooded carousing, because he knows it would make the average citizen puke themselves into a coma, and one side-effect of this is that he seems shifty and suspicious. Birthday Boy
  • Little does he know that his blue-blooded links go far deeper. The Sun
  • It was another black day for the blue-blooded Fraser clan, which is still in denial after losing its Highland estate yonks ago.
  • the blue-blooded aristocracy
  • In 1981, he became the country's fourth prime minister, but the first commoner after a trio of blue-blooded patricians.
  • The other students looked down their noses at them, especially the ones who came from so-called blue-blooded families, families who were able to trace their lineage back to the Pilgrims, families like Grandma Olivia’s, Daddy’s mother, who ruled over us like a dowager queen. Music in The Night
  • Tall, mature, single, blue-blooded aristocrat, seeks tall, mature foxy lady who loves dressing in furs.
  • The wild-dog was maturer than Jerry, larger-bodied, and wiser in wickedness; but Jerry was blue-blooded, right-selected, and valiant. CHAPTER III
  • Tall, mature, single, blue-blooded aristocrat, seeks tall, mature foxy lady who loves dressing in furs.
  • She was very conscious of her blue-blooded upbringing. The Sun
  • I fancied that they traveled in a long train behind their blue-blooded lordling.
  • a topsy-turvy society of lowborn rich and blue-blooded poor
  • Having had the most blue-blooded ladies of the capital cooing upon his heroic chest, having completely beaten up, with the full support of the law, whosoever of lesser rank attempted to cross his path or refused him the salute -- having had "great fun" saluting generals on _les grands boulevards_ and being in turn saluted ( "_tous les générals, tous_, salute me, Jean have more medals"), and this state of affairs having lasted for about three months -- Jean began to be very bored (me _très ennuyé_). The Enormous Room
  • One interesting revelation that Stone includes is that Morales 'blue-blooded predecessor barely spoke Spanish, which helps explain why Morales and politicians of his ilk have come to power. Dan Lybarger: DVD Review: South of the Border

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