How To Use Bloodsucking In A Sentence

  • a plague of bloodsucking insects
  • The extent to which I hate bloodsucking ticks can hardly be described and I subject myself to intense and private scrutiny when I return home.
  • But to give the old duffer his due, he isn't the first to attempt such a blatantly bloodsucking sonic hook-up.
  • The author, Jeff Eisenberg, is the CEO of Pest Away Inc., a New York City–based company that is championing the fight against the wingless, odorous, red-bodied, bloodsucking Cimex lectularius.
  • This August there will be dark clouds of bloodsucking creatures in Scotland. Weatherwatch: Beware the swarms of biting midges at dusk
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  • Their bloodsucking bite can cause itchy red welts to appear on the skin of their victims.
  • Catfish are also extremely diverse, ranging in size from tiny three-quarter-inch-long bloodsucking candiru to the six-foot-long 300-pound monsters known as piraiba.
  • The discoveries of the bloodsucking pests at high-profile places are often not full-blown infestations, or even in public areas. NYC Bedbugs Scaring Off NYC Tourists
  • bloodsucking blackmailer
  • Although reading about some of them might amuse you, these are not the type of bloodsucking fiends you would want to come across in a dark alley. The Best Books of 2009: 10-6 | Fandomania
  • Crews responding to the blaze Wednesday also had to battle bedbugs, the bloodsucking insects quickly becoming the scourge of households and businesses across the country. Denver Firefighters Battle Bedbugs Escaping From Burning House
  • The answer, in part, is that the bloodsucking is a bi-partisan feast. Ken Lay's Alive!
  • Blood was usually taken by opening a vein with a lancet, although bloodsucking leeches were regularly used.
  • LA Times article that informed us that said milking strategies (or shall we say "bloodsucking" strategies?) start with the local hotels. HotelChatter -
  • Bloodsucking bedbugs are sneaking back between the sheets some 50 years after being all but wiped out in the developed world, a new study says.
  • Why are these little bloodsucking critters not going away? Michael Colongione: Why We Still Can't Stop Bed Bugs
  • When outdoors, people are encouraged to use an insect repellant containing DEET, an active ingredient unequalled at keeping the bloodsucking pests at bay.
  • Pattinson's security trebled to protect him from 'bloodsucking' fans Undefined
  • He pulls up his shirt to reveal a bloodsucking creature attached to his belly.
  • Once considered mainly a feedlot pest, the stable fly has extended its reign of terror to the open pasture and rangeland, areas where cattle once grazed virtually unharried by the bloodsucking insect.
  • She agrees, then discovers her legs covered in bloodsucking leeches.
  • Their bloodsucking bite can cause itchy red welts to appear on the skin of their victims.
  • Among the greatest problems is the varroa mite, a bloodsucking parasite that attacks young and adult honeybees.
  • Wages could also be higher than elsewhere in the economy as the bloodsucking, parasitic capitalist is not there demanding his piece of the action.
  • Similarly, as soon as I crossed the doorstep, the June hordes of bloodsucking blackflies and horseflies left off their hot pursuit.
  • A female ready to deposit her eggs seeks out a bloodsucking insect, generally a fly or mosquito.

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