How To Use Bleakly In A Sentence

  • he wondered bleakly
  • Bleakly, he smiled at her and watched as she set the tea on the table, her white nightdress flowing underneath the dress coat that she wore.
  • The most promising lead turned out to be a sick joke when I found myself bleakly staring down at some bird food.
  • London has never been so bleakly but lovingly rendered.
  • Gilliam famously had a rough time getting it into cinemas: the film was recut for a more conventional happy ending than the bleakly ambiguous one the story originally intended – and demanded – causing Gilliam to take out a full-page ad in Variety with an open letter to studio chairman Sid Sheinberg. Brazil: No 17
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  • Dan, now successful in advertising, is doing his best to drink himself into failure; in a bleakly comic scene he clashes with Julia, who has become a wealthy lifestyle guru.
  • Their tragedy was bleakly mirrored by that of the Maya, who systematically exhausted their resource base, leading to death from starvation and thirst.
  • A bleakly beautiful portrait of doomed love. Times, Sunday Times
  • Oh , dear ,'she murmured bleakly, " We owe $ 392.
  • Indeed, when looking at the catalogue of Baby Cow's bleakly funny programmes – Marion and Geoff, Human Remains, Nighty Night, Sensitive Skin, Sarah and Lizzie – one could scarcely find a better description of them than Chekhov's own words for his subject matter: "the sad comicality of everyday life". Chekhov Shorts: 'I'm Ivan Nyukhin, aha!'
  • I am surrounded by women in their fifties who are looking bleakly at their futures. Times, Sunday Times
  • Oh, dear , she murmured bleakly, we owe $ 392. They had managed to collect only $ 135.
  • He looks at Lucy's white face and gives her a bearlike hug and she smiles bleakly. SEA MUSIC
  • It was a bleakly impressive coastline.
  • Seigi barely had time to bleakly wonder how close he had come to death before the bowman was slamming into him from behind, hissing ‘Go, go, go!’
  • He stared bleakly at Tatiana, who said, peering up into his face," Shura, I have some kasha. THE BRONZE HORSEMAN
  • Not a particularly attractive town, it's the kind of town whose motto might as well be "Get me outta Dodge," not unlike those desperate and bleakly futureless burgs of the Midwest whose economies are fueled by methamphetamine factories in rusted trailers and the promise of a new prison. Crossing Over: A Mexican Family On The Migrant Trail

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