[ US /ˈbɫɛɹ/ ]
[ UK /blˈe‍ə/ ]
  1. make a loud noise
    The horns of the taxis blared
  2. make a strident sound
    She tended to blast when speaking into a microphone
  1. a loud harsh or strident noise
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How To Use blare In A Sentence

  • Leaked Reports Detail Iran's Aid for Iraqi Militias," blared the headline on afront page story inThe New York Times, which went on to report on several incidents recounted in WikiLeaks documents that journalist Michael Gordon called "the shadow war between the United States and Iraqi militias backed by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Ali Gharib: What Did WikiLeaks Really Tell Us About Iran?
  • She hears nothing but the breeze rustling the curtains of her bedroom window, and the angry blare of the television coming from her father's bedroom.
  • The trumpets blared as the procession got under way.
  • Perhaps strangest of all, the American troops brought in their own "psyops" trucks - for psychological operations - and blared sounds that created a nightmarish duet with the mosques: old AC/DC songs, something that sounded like a sonar ping, the cavalry charge. Archive 2004-11-01
  • Feet sounded on the deck, the thud of a heavy rope against the hull, the blare of a siren. HIGH STAND
  • These systems provide better sound, and also protect musicians' hearing from the blare of the huge sound systems used in large concert halls.
  • It was a pimped-out, copper-colored Buick Riviera slowly tooling down Lenox Avenue, and as that monster slowed behind other cars that song blared from the 8-Track. Archive 2008-02-01
  • Through megaphones, voices in broken English blared out at them, urging them to surrender and lay down their arms.
  • They sat there horrified as the television blared the awful news.
  • MEXICAN FOLK music blares from a boom box, the sounds of accordions filtering up the stairs.
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