How To Use Blandness In A Sentence

  • The blandness makes the whole exercise appear rather elusive and flimsy. Times, Sunday Times
  • Am I ready for the blandness of tasteful white walls and artistic black and white photographic prints?
  • The poor must be grateful for gimcrack blandness. Times, Sunday Times
  • The smooth blandness of the mascarpone was a nice foil to the prunes - texturally and flavorwise - and did a nice job of gussying up what is essentially a no-fuss dessert. Frankie's Spuntino's Wine-Stewed Prunes and Mascarpone
  • Bergman moves the entire sequence from gothic, candle-illuminated lighting to electric, reflecting both the otherworldliness of the atmosphere and its unbeautiful blandness.
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  • Gunn's new job at Liz Claiborne is to "to bring a sense of excitement about fashion to a corporate culture known for blandness and to effect a change in the perception of its brands, from outdated to fashionable. A role model in better clothes
  • They floated, and she began to suspect their blandness was a form of turtle happiness, or at least contentment, from the way they blinked their eyes in the sun, and continued to float. Something Unpredictable
  • Unfortunately these are nestled in an album noteworthy mostly for its blandness.
  • Like indie rock, alt-weeklies always seemed like an unshakable bastion of uncorrupted cool in a world of over-commercialized blandness and a fundamental component of an ill-spent adolescence. Josh Rosenblatt: Hoping to Compensate for Their Waning Influence, Alt-Weeklies Sacrifice Quality for Sensory Overload
  • It could be argued that a little bit of humour does much to leaven the blandness of what passes for reporting and analysis in the press.
  • But she managed to school her expression for blandness, averting her eyes slightly to stare at a tapestry. Tempted by Your Touch
  • It’s this ‘parsnip policy’ that, arguably, imbues ELT books with a certain blandness – what Mario Rinvolucri once characterised as “the soft, fudgey, sub-journalistic, woman’s magaziney world of EFLese course materials” (1999, p. 14). June « 2010 « An A-Z of ELT
  • In some cases, where the cause or politician is a bit more authoritarian in stripe, the weirdness comes from the deathly serious tense tight-lipped intolerant besuited clones who populate the gathering, or the Stepford-like blandness of the party faithful. Slightly smeary article about ron paul
  • The whole production, really, is a paean to the beauty of Olivia, who, as played by Blais, displays none of the blandness this character sometimes falls into.
  • The cumulative effect of this conscientious blandness denied Lisa a distinctive personality, which limited the fervor of its users.
  • He has sought to turn his everyman image—some call it blandness—into a virtue, saying these are serious times. Pawlenty's Homespun Tale
  • The sprinkling of sugar on top is probably to mask the humdrum blandness. Times, Sunday Times
  • The token bit of blandness, of sanity, of charm, of reason, of niceness, of pointlessness.
  • It is opposed to what it calls the blandness and crassness of the modern world. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • We briefly chatted and we had agreed how much superior a drive in the countryside was to the blandness of the autoroute, and the many toll stations that appeared along the way.
  • Read-outs of this kind are famous for their blandness, and if they are using phrases like ‘deep concern’, then presumably it must have been quite a frosty and awkward exchange.
  • It's not poverty, you're not living in the ghetto or slum, but there's a kind of blandness to it.
  • He is a mild man, who is reasonable almost to the point of blandness.
  • I was indifferent to its hi-tech blandness as a matter of fact, but I was grateful not to be frightened out of my wits by the lyrics. MUSIC FOR BOYS
  • They put some cornmeal mush to boiling in creek water, supposing that its blandness might settle their moiled stomachs. Cold Mountain
  • The blandness makes the whole exercise appear rather elusive and flimsy. Times, Sunday Times
  • Mrs. Bradley was grinning with a kind of fiendish blandness at Burt, whose neck was beginning to swell. The Saltmarsh Murders
  • The "caw" sounded more crowish, or perhaps raveny, obviously just a shout out to her black bird friends, as a way of compensating for her painful whiteness, blondness and blandness. Speaking of Robin...
  • Surprisingly, Albee points to the new-play development programs found in theatres across North America (involving dramaturges, readings, workshops) as a source of the blandness of so much of the drama of the past 20 years.
  • Instead, he underplays and it's a joy to watch him assume just the right mask of deferential blandness to manage his Colonel.
  • It was not remotely greasy and any tendency towards blandness was countered by the saltiness of the feta, while the orange butter sauce saved the whole dish from becoming too dry.
  • There is no effort to hide the blandness and utter dispiritedness of that future.
  • Instead, the blandness of the Hollywood versions merely underlines the oddness, individuality and appeal of the originals.
  • The poor must be grateful for gimcrack blandness. Times, Sunday Times
  • A check-the-boxes approach to creativity is more likely to result in blandness and failure. Disney’s Iger Shows Up The Street
  • The husband's determination to mastery, which lay deep below all blandness and beseechingness, had risen permanently to the surface now, and seemed to alter his face, as a face is altered by a hidden muscular tension with which a man is secretly throttling or stamping out the life from something feeble, yet dangerous. Romola
  • Oddly, we have reached the stage where there might still be a singular vision, but too often it is being micro-managed at executive level to the point of blandness and is often hobbled by an unhealthy mix at executive-committee stage of half-understood notions of political correctness tied to an essential distrust of viewers 'intelligence. Can British TV produce drama as good as Mad Men?
  • In school, Crowell stood out as the girl who eschewed the blandness of fashion in favor of personal style.
  • Cast bronze was now his favoured material and a growing sense of blandness and reiteration dogged his later career.
  • What disheartens me most of all is their blandness.
  • The two-piece brass section added a full and funky sound that helped detract from the sameness and blandness of many of Mayer's songs.
  • The blandness of the spindle cells was so impressive as to dissuade us from a malignant diagnosis on preoperative biopsies.
  • In spite of its 20 million players in 185 countries, squash, by its very nature, will be always be hard-pressed to translate to telly's flatscreen blandness its unique snakepit ferocity, rat-a-tat machine‑gun speed and intimate competitive intensities. World champion Nick Matthew presses the case for squash | Frank Keating
  • the blandness of his confession enraged the judge
  • Finally, a lot of Americans are returning to the joys of eating fresh produce in season, having tired of the plasticene blandness of hothouse tomatoes and giant strawberries that look gorgeous and smell divine, but have all the sweetness and flavor of styrofoam. Tigers & Strawberries » Community Supported Agriculture
  • Although you might think that pulses could do with a helping hand in the flavour stakes, in fact, most dals contain so much spice that the blandness of the legumes is an essential part of the dish – a properly seasoned dal, I decide, doesn't need any stock. How to cook perfect dhal
  • This is a method employed by Elizabeth David in the minestrone verde recipe given in Italian Food, and also mentioned as a possibility by Locatelli, but despite the pedigree, the result needs an awful lot of seasoning to lift it from the blandness that many Marie Antoinettish proponents of cucina povera choose to ignore in their favourite peasant dishes. How to cook perfect minestrone soup
  • Besides, in a world where consumerism and profit have melded into a homogeny of blandness, any uniqueness should be cherished.
  • Nobody seemed to know who was putting this out, but its dissidence was a welcome antidote to the blandness of mainstream public radio.
  • He is a mild man, who is reasonable almost to the point of blandness.
  • Am I ready for the blandness of tasteful white walls and artistic black and white photographic prints?
  • Adults will not suffer the boredom often caused by the brain-dead blandness of too many ‘family films,’ but they won't be challenged or energized, either.
  • The two main problems are blandness and gimmickry. Times, Sunday Times

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