How To Use Blackwood In A Sentence

  • The first of the lays appeared in Blackwood's Magazine in Apr. 1843, and the volume was published in 1849.
  • He was a large poetical contributor to Blackwood's Magazine.
  • The exquisite workmanship of the African Zen designs -- made from African blackwood to machata, for example, stand on their own, but house a deeply penetrating story of the forest from which they came.adschwarz. com and allanschwarz. com Summer Rayne Oakes: The Top 10 Coolest African Fair-Trade Fashions
  • By noon the following day he had finished the blackwood frame and Bronwen had collected their few belongings together and was ready to go. AT THE STROKE OF TWELVE
  • She filled the room with odds and ends picked up at bargain prices, capacious basket chairs, low Chinese blackwood tables, glazed ceramic bowls and jars, blue Chinese rugs, yellow curtains, and cushions made from a bale of faded silk that she had dyed herself in different colors. PEARL BUCK IN CHINA
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  • Its dominant species are Brachystegia spiciformis and muyombo B. boehmii with Julbernardia globiflora, bloodwood Pterocarpus angolensis, blackwood Dalbergia melanoxylon and Isoberlinia spp. with a shrub layer of Diplorhyncus condylocarpus and species of leadwood Combretum. Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
  • DJ Richard Blackwood's mother in 'skivvy' row with Hilton hotels Home
  • In contrast to these girthy ladies, other Blackwood women are wraiths and ambulating phantoms, eaten up by anxieties and rage.
  • His fear is -- that Blackwood may come as Nemesis, and compel him to regorge any puffing and cramming which Tiff has put into his pocket, and is earnest to have a letter addressed in an influential quarter to prevent this. The Uncollected Writings of Thomas de Quincey—Vol. 1 With a Preface and Annotations by James Hogg
  • Vibracoustic North America, a division of Freudenberg-NOK, uses microcellular urethane, a more pliable form of rubber, to reduce noise, vibration and harshness in the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood.
  • And there's Lisa Wesley and Andrew Blackwood squirrelling away in the greenhouse creating a white-washed model landscape complete with animals, flyovers, factories and numbered points of interest.
  • His plea deal was announced after special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood consulted with defense and prosecution attorneys, the two surviving administrators and the widow of the man who died.
  • We at length, with difficulty, got our horses up a rocky point, on which grew a thick scrub of "blackwood," as Yuranigh called it, an acacia having many tough stems growing thickly together from one root, and obstructing the passage, and covering the ground with its half-fallen and fallen timber. Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia
  • Alexander Skarsgard alexandre aja alf algernon blackwood ali t. kokmen ali t. kokmen stalking alice in wonderland alice sebold alien CL Anderson's First Post - Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games
  • Its use was legalized in 1673 by an act, the preamble of which reads, "The ingenious industry of modern times hath taught the dyers of England the art of fixing, the colours made of logwood, alias blackwood, so as that, by experience, they are found as lasting as the colours made with any sort of dyeing wood whatever. Forty Centuries of Ink
  • This prescient short story, published in Blackwood's magazine, described how, after the fall of France, the German army would invade and grind Britain under its jackboot for all eternity.
  • Those who like a good "gashly" book should, my Baronite says, forthwith send for _Lord Wastwater_ (BLACKWOOD). Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 103, December 31, 1892
  • Harrison Blackwood and his cronies, meanwhile, spend their days ruminating on, and searching for, signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.
  • Brother Jonathan," then just published by Blackwood in three large volumes, was read to him every night for weeks, and greatly to his satisfaction, as I then understood; though it seems by what Dr. Bowring -- I beg his pardon, Sir John Bowring -- says on the subject, that the "white-haired sage" was wide enough awake, on the whole, to form a pretty fair estimate of its unnaturalness and extravagance: being himself a great admirer of Richardson's ten-volume stories, like The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 97, November, 1865
  • The first was the presence of a thickset, blue-uniformed administrator behind a large, blackwood desk. Addicts
  • He was still staring impassively out over the choppy, angry waters of Blackwood Lake.
  • Hypnotism was coming to the fore, escapology was something they were becoming interested in, so the idea of a showman isn't particularly unusual for that period of time, so all those elements and ingredients went into making Blackwood. Interview: Lord Blackwood Himself, British Actor Mark Strong «
  • Rich hardwoods of myrtle, blackwood, sassafras and Huon pine mingle with common eucalypts.
  • Call The seven-way Iverson Combination Whistle in cocobolo or African blackwood is as elegant as the pintail drake itself. Field Guide: Know Your Waterfowl
  • After signing what is called the codicil to his will, Captains Hardy and Blackwood joined him on the poop to receive his instructions. Drake Nelson and Napoleon
  • The servant at Blackwood Castle (Grimsby, played by Artur Binder) tries to frighten Jane by placing a snake in her bed (one of many he cares for in the cellar); a neighboring inn begins to see unprecedented seasonal business from visitors (Horst Tappert as "Douglas Fairbanks," CARMEN, BABY's Uta Levka) showing unusual interest in Blackwood Castle... and each other; and the two seemingly harmless old fogies playing chess in the inn's tavern are using a tricked-out chesspiece to send messages to the snake-caring servant. Archive 2006-04-23
  • They noticed that the Elephant was limping, and then they saw the long blackwood splinter sticking out of his swollen foot.
  • In 1838 he contributed to Blackwood's ‘Father Tom and the Pope’, a burlesque on Irish Catholicism.
  • Blackwood's Magazine, an important landmark in English angling literature. How to Do It
  • Lord Blackwood shall be required to confess his treason and abjure his allegiance to the Starks and Tullys.
  • Quarterly" and elsewhere have been noted; impressions of his manner and appearance at different periods of his life have been recovered from coaeval acquaintances; his friend Hayward's Letters, the numerous allusions in Lord Houghton's Life, Mrs. Crosse's lively chapters in "Red Letter Days of my Life," Lady Gregory's interesting recollections of the Athenaeum Club in Blackwood of Biographical Study of A.W. Kinglake
  • The only trees that are in danger are the hardwoods, such as balsa and African Blackwood, as these take far longer to grow than trees used for paper production.
  • His plea deal was announced after special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood consulted with defense and prosecution attorneys, the two surviving administrators and the widow of the man who died.
  • Winger Michael Blackwood used his pace on the left to aggravate the Reds' defence, but Jonathan Smith's return to the heart of the rearguard gave them aerial protection.

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