1. of brown tinged with black
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How To Use blackish-brown In A Sentence

  • The disease progresses up the plant and the trifoliate leaves soon develop symptoms with lesions, initially appearing as irregular light brown spots and later turning a blackish-brown color.
  • _ Black, with gilded tomentum, which forms two bands on the thorax, and one on each side of the pectus; abdomen with three gilded tomentose bands, the third subapical, first segment ferruginous beneath; legs tawny, femora at the base and coxæ black; wings blackish-brown, dark cinereous hindward; halteres tawny. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 Zoology
  • Two tests are suggested by Golodetz (1) the addition of one or two drops of a reagent consisting of five parts of concentrated sulphuric acid and three parts of formaldehyde solution, which colours cholesterol a blackish-brown, and (2) the addition of one drop of 30 per cent. formaldehyde solution to a solution of the substance in trichloracetic acid, when with cholesterol an intense blue coloration is produced. The Handbook of Soap Manufacture
  • Fore wings slightly hooked, with an interior undulating blackish-brown line; orbicular mark black, punctiform; reniform white, black-bordered, forming a triangular spot and an anterior point; a small exterior white costa, with mark. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 Zoology
  • +Gills+ free, ventricose, narrowing at both ends, thin, first a pink color, then afterward brown or blackish-brown. Among the Mushrooms A Guide For Beginners
  • Blackish-brown feathers run from the tips to the primary feather (one of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing) tectrices. CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]
  • Head reddish; antennæ testaceous at the base; thorax testaceous in front; wings greyish, blackish-brown along the costa, and with three subcostal blackish-brown patches, the third continued along the veins towards the hind border. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 Zoology
  • -- "Deep blackish-brown, with a slight rufous reflection in a certain light; fur short, close, soft, and adpressed; tail thick at the base, with a few long very slender straggling hairs along its entire length; ears small and rounded; snout elongated. Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon
  • Head black above, testaceous beneath; antennæ testaceous; abdomen with four broad abbreviated piceous bands; legs tawny, hind tibiæ black with a tawny apical mark, hind tarsi black towards the base; wings greyish, slightly lurid towards the base, blackish-brown about the exterior part of the costa, veins black, tawny towards the base; halteres testaceous, tawny towards the tips. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 Zoology
  • When pyrogallol is sulphonated with concentrated sulphuric acid a violet-coloured sulphonic acid, soluble in water, is obtained, which, when treated with formaldehyde first in the cold and then when heated, yields a solid deep red-coloured mass, which precipitates gelatine but not aniline hydrochloride, and gives a blackish-brown colour with ferric chloride. Synthetic Tannins
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