How To Use Black-haired In A Sentence

  • “A black-haired, red-cheeked, long-legged hobbledehoy of 26, though not looking or seeming near that age,” he wrote.12 Louisa May Alcott
  • I hear a collective gasp of anguish and witness a row of black-haired heads drop into despairing hands.
  • The black-haired boy stared at me for a moment, awe registering in his eyes, before his grin grew too wide, and he started laughing.
  • A slender, black-haired woman, clad in sealskin, stood with her back to him, staring at smoke and fire in the distance. End of Time
  • The black-haired teen looked behind her in horror as she saw her father emerge from the house.
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  • Instead the black-haired woman kept her gaze focused on him, coiled to act if anything dared threaten her.
  • But things were in the melting-pot, centripetalism had gone; little dynasties flared up quickly and expired; and amidst all those lightning changes there was no time for progress, or deep concerns, or for the Soul of the Black-haired The Crest-Wave of Evolution A Course of Lectures in History, Given to the Graduates' Class in the Raja-Yoga College, Point Loma, in the College-Year 1918-19
  • Hospital, and a heavy-shouldered, black-haired man in shabby white drills stepped out of the throng and seized the flying bridoon-rein, and wrenched the brute down. The Dop Doctor
  • Queen, not young maids, but stalworth women, well-grown, and two of them hard-featured; the third, tall, black-haired, and a goodly-fashioned body. Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair
  • There were six or seven men, and they looked like brothers, thin, pale-skinned, black-haired. THE SCAR
  • On stage the blond Sigfield was giving his show of magic while black-haired Roy as his assistant, sometimes appeared with animals.
  • South of the armory of Westminster Palace lay the gardens, and here, on the third day following the King's affront to De Vac, might have been a seen a black-haired woman gowned in a violet cyclas, richly embroidered with gold about the yoke and at the bottom of the loose-pointed sleeves, which reached almost to the similar bordering on the lower hem of the garment. The Outlaw of Torn
  • Thirty minutes later found the black-haired teen sitting in a small restaurant in one of the less inhabited places of Tokyo-2.
  • I need my little musical rhythm to wrap me up and shush me tenderly as I wonder about the black-haired girl, and the basilisks in the hotel lobby.
  • he saw the black-haired man waiting motionlessly behind the opposite side of the platform
  • The black-haired one scowls, pulling her face into an ugly grimace.
  • The blondness as an attraction to black-haired Asians does make sense.
  • And that night he donned his starchiest uniform, pinned on his bright service medals, and made the round of the tiendas, throwing chests at the black-haired girls behind the counters. Terry A Tale of the Hill People
  • Obviously well under twenty years of age, the shaveling advocate was of average height and stocky physique, black-haired and swarthy of complexion: not an advocate who would transfix by sheer physical presence, though his face was pleasant enough. The First Man in Rome
  • He was tall and very black-haired, and he "jollied" the girls. The Trail of the Hawk A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life
  • It was not until a certain jet-black-haired songbird had the courage to step forward and let the world know she suffered from this debilitating affliction that I knew I too could stand tall, gassy burning throat and all.
  • He was the one that had been in the lead before the black-haired teen had passed him.
  • At the other was a deep window where some of the prefects were clustered, talking eagerly to a small black-haired lady. ADRIENNE AND THE CHALET SCHOOL
  • His two comrades - the green-haired mage and the black-haired faery - had awoken after a few days, but as for him, he had just kept sleeping.
  • A black-haired, thickly-bearded man in the middle of the soldiers with his armour hanging over a pot belly stepped forward, thumbs hooked through his sword belt.
  • Marilyn Krnkka was a black-haired woman with a thin, delicate face.
  • The black-haired boy looked as if he had died and come back to life - his lips were dry and cut, he had a black eye, and his cheek was scratched badly.
  • Coughing lightly several more times, the black-haired player rubbed at her eyes and leaned against a wall while the smoke slowly dissipated.
  • She mentally reviewed his no longer youthful figure, his monastic face, black-haired and large-nosed, with eyes full of expression, his curly mouth, at once judgmatic and benevolent. Flowering Wilderness
  • The dark-eyed, black-haired, modestly-attired, and even sober-looking girl, who put out her hand with a very simple movement, and spoke, with considerable self-possession truly, but certainly not with an impudent air, bore but scant resemblance to the "brazen hussey" who had haunted The Golden Shoemaker or 'Cobbler' Horn
  • One of the scenes has a black-haired woman on a flowered blanket, her pink floral housecoat thrown open, her eyebrows raised and teeth clenched as she leans back on one elbow.
  • Muster Richard's been back above a week, and he and the Old Un is up to their same tricks again; but that ain't awl -- there's a black-haired pale chap cum with a heye like a nork, as seems to me the baddest of the lot, and that ain't sayin 'a little. Frank Fairlegh Scenes From The Life Of A Private Pupil
  • He left his white-haired, green dressed wife and his black-haired, yellow shirted kid in a diaper at home.
  • The black-haired boy reddened slightly, but he turned back to the nurse and nodded.
  • She was at that stage a woman of striking good looks, blue-eyed and black-haired, though in later years she became bulky and heavy featured.
  • The black-haired teen was glad now that she had saved up so much money.
  • The black-haired girl cocked her head and leaned forward a bit over the table.

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