How To Use Biracial In A Sentence

  • A few years ago, our school had a parent write a racist remark on his garage in spray paint and called the local paper who published a picture of it and the man's biracial son trying to spin the article as if students and the school were harrasing his son. No-Tolerance Policy Extends Off Campus
  • A 6-month-old, biracial boy named Michael was their first foster child.
  • Their television daughter shows no phenotypic signs of being biracial.
  • On both occasions they used biracial egg donors with the best health histories they could find. Times, Sunday Times
  • Senator Barack Obama has proved to be a biracial icon who can mobilize blacks and whites alike.
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  • March 30th, 2006 at 6:42 pm reluctantly use the terms biracial, Black, White, Asian American, Latino, and African American. Response to Rachel: “I am a person of color”
  • Americans like answers in black and white, a cultural trait we confirmed last year when the biracial man running for President was routinely called "black".
  • Indeed, by 1890, census officials stopped counting mixed-race people as a separate category, and the nation became officially biracial.
  • As I was writing I was think about the term multiracial or biracial, which I don’t think of as transracial. Trans Identity–Sex Changes, Race Changes, Drag, and Passing
  • It is this massive boom in poultry that is largely responsible for changing the rural South from a biracial, agricultural culture to a globalized entrepot.
  • We use the term multiracial to refer to those of all racial mixes, including biracial.
  • As a relatively new mom to a biracial boy, I'm trying to get a head start on speaking openly and simply about race.
  • First thing you all need to get strait is Obama is biracial. Angry Clinton supporters tell party leaders: 'Let's go McCain!'
  • Yes, America makes anyone who is even partially black, black, but he seems to have found a black American identity some biracial people never grow completely comfortable with.
  • The remaining 9% were either Asian, biracial, or multiracial.
  • Most of all, people in biracial relationships sometimes receive hateful stares and racial slurs from strangers.
  • Black and white once defined the racial landscape of the American South, but multicultural and multiethnic rather than biracial now describe society in many southern places.
  • Levitt doesn't address the problems associated with relying on the children's own self-identification as the sole means of identifying biracial children, yet throughout his paper, he makes the assumption that his "biracial" experimental group consists solely of children with one Black and one White parent, who uniformly fit into his predefinition of "mixed race". Reappropriate
  • But, between 1968 and 1972, approximately 50,000 black and biracial children were adopted into white families.
  • Under the homogenizing umbrella of multiculturalism, there are very few venues for people who identify as biracial to have a voice. Archive 2008-02-01
  • White candidates had to pay attention to them, either seeking their support in order to create biracial coalitions, or ostentatiously snubbing them in an effort to solidify the white vote.
  • For example, a biracial church of 100 members would need 50 members of each racial-ethnic group to achieve a diversity score of 1.
  • I know of 2 cases (one in my research and one in another sociological study) where parents of a white person in an interracial relationship suggested, encouraged, and promoted abortion to prevent the birth of a biracial child (I am hesitantly using the term biracial because most of the white relatives would say the child is black.) Racist Parents Kidnap Daughter and Try to Force Abortion
  • Only 59% of the under-30s are white (and many will have voted for a biracial president). Times, Sunday Times
  • She claims that out of all her dolls, she feels the strongest affinity for Gabi, the Brazilian-American soccer player, who, like her, is biracial.
  • Don't you realize the same folks who vote for you because they won't vote for a "black" Man (biracial is the proper term. Clinton takes on TV pundits at distillery stop in Kentucky
  • In addition, the children in these families are parented by monoracial individuals who cannot fully understand what it means to be biracial.
  • Senator Barack Obama has proved to be a biracial icon who can mobilize blacks and whites alike.
  • Especially strong is his exploration of the theme of miscegenation in Star Trek; he argues that Spock and other biracial characters are latter-day versions of the tragic mulatto stereotype.
  • Most of my Mom's family was biracial, so I was colorblind.
  • Since the terms biracial and multiracial are gaining in acceptance in our country, more and more children will be free to make a blended identification their choice. Don’t Bring Home a White Boy
  • But he also concludes that Obama struggles with what he calls "obsessive bipartisan disorder": a deep-seated need to unify the people around him, which stems from his childhood marred by broken families, from men who were not fathers, and from his need to make sense of being biracial while being raised by white grandparents. The Full Feed from
  • Even with the option of multiple racial choices on the census forms, Wardle suspects the numbers will represent an undercount of the biracial and multiracial population.
  • The problem with Barack Obama is that sometimes he lynches himself, not with the illusions of grandeur regarding legal prowess or being persecuted by The Left (or progressives) like Clarence Thomas (a beneficiary of affirmative action), but by believing that he is a race-neutral figure (because he is "biracial" -) and not openly challenging racists and racist socioeconomic/political systems. Question for Barack Obama: Do You Feel the Noose Tightening?
  • Those answers mean a lot, Mosley says, because it's troubling when biracial people seem to bleach away their blackness with European pride.
  • This leaves the Tracey character struggling not only with his residual prejudice but also with his fears for his only daughter's future happiness in a biracial marriage in racially charged America.
  • I view this new literary niche as a sort of biracial bunker, where it's safe to express yourself and feel your feelings after years - decades - of struggling to fit in.
  • I also reluctantly use the terms biracial, Black, White, Asian American, Latino, and African American. Response to Rachel: “I am a person of color”
  • On the other hand, the stripper is the mother of a biracial genius-boy. SeeLight:
  • Largely autobiographical, the novel concerns itself with Hannah, a biracial house slave educated by a white couple who lived on the outskirts of the plantation where she was born.
  • ‘I thought she was talking about the biracial aspect of my life,’ says Grove.
  • a biracial committee
  • Ms. Chang is being hypocritical when she says that President Obama should not consider himself black simply because that's how society views him - she is insisting he identify as biracial because that's how she WANTS society to view him, or at least because that's how she views him. Obama's 2010 Census racial identification
  • Many Southern Democratic politicians have learned the trick of building biracial coalitions, which is why they aren't extinct.
  • As the two parts of the title imply, it contrasts the recent Axelrodian hagiography of Obama as the biracial transcender with the man's own evasively written but ultimately quite clear autobiography. Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog

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