How To Use Bigeneric In A Sentence

  • Such bigeneric cross plants do occur rarely in nature, and have at times also been artificially created in the horticultural field.
  • I've read a fair bit about bigeneric hybrids in which colchicine is used to double up the chromosome number to produce a fertile plant - eg Tritcale.
  • Information to date suggests that xPitinia is infertile in line with all other bigeneric hybrids.
  • HEUCHERELLA is a horticulturally-derived group of bigeneric hybrids between Heuchera, coralbells, and Tiarella, foamflower.
  • Pink dawn (Chitalpa tashkentensis), a bigeneric hybrid between the narrow-leaved desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) and the broad-leaved catalpa tree (Catalpa bignonioides).
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  • This is probably the first offering of the rare bigeneric cross of Zephyranthes ‘Labuffarosea’ x Habranthus robustus.
  • In a few cases bigeneric combinations have been proposed where tolerant species do not exist within the problem genera.
  • Many of the intrageneric hybrids seem fertile, whereas as far as I can gather, bigeneric hybrids have proved to be sterile.
  • One bigeneric combination occasionally seen in the landscape is mountainash (Sorbus • hybrida) on hawthorn root stock.
  • Both nature and hybridisers have crossed different generic species and hybrids to cultivate bigeneric bromeliads, since the plants arrived on this planet.
  • Since the radish and cabbage belong to different genera, the offspring resulting from this cross is called a bigeneric hybrid.
  • All the individuals of these bigeneric crosses have the foliage of the Hippeastrum; and so I think, will be their flowers.
  • The nothogeneric name of a bigeneric hybrid is a condensed formula in which the names adopted for the parental genera are combined into a single word, using the first part or the whole of one, the last part or the whole of the other (but not the whole of both) and, optionally, a connecting vowel.

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