[ UK /bˈɪɡ/ ]
[ US /ˈbɪɡ/ ]
  1. significant
    graduation was a big day in his life
  2. marked by intense physical force
    a big wind
  3. generous and understanding and tolerant
    a large and generous spirit
    a heart big enough to hold no grudges
    a large heart
    that's very big of you to be so forgiving
    magnanimous toward his enemies
  4. given or giving freely
    was a big tipper
    a freehanded host
    a munificent gift
    the bounteous goodness of God
    Saturday's child is loving and giving
    a handsome allowance
    her fond and openhanded grandfather
    bountiful compliments
    a munificent gift
    a liberal backer of the arts
  5. loud and firm
    a big voice
    big bold piano sounds
  6. very intense
    in a big rage
    a bad storm
    a bad headache
    had a big (or bad) shock
    a bad earthquake
  7. exhibiting self-importance
    big talk
  8. above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent
    big businesses
    a big group of scientists
    a large family
    a large city
    a big expenditure
    a big (or large) barn
    set out for the big city
    large areas of the world
    a large number of newspapers
    a large sum
  9. conspicuous in position or importance
    he's very large in financial circles
    a big figure in the movement
    big man on campus
    a prominent citizen
  10. feeling self-importance
    too big for his britches
    he was swelled with pride
    had a swelled head
  11. in an advanced stage of pregnancy
    was big with child
    was great with child
  12. (of animals) fully developed
    a grown woman
    an adult animal
  13. prodigious
    big eater
    big spender
    heavy investor
  1. in a boastful manner
    he talked big all evening
  2. in a major way
    the play failed big at the box office
  3. on a grand scale
    think big
  4. extremely well
    his performance went over big
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How To Use big In A Sentence

  • There's a big difference between an amateur video and a slick Hollywood production.
  • Forbes: In terms of scale, the size of a bank for lending, is there a point where being bigger does not make you more efficient in lending? Transcript: Richard Bove
  • I didn't know my success was going to be so big and that I would become 'the subtractor', always subtracting six years. Life and style | guardian.co.uk
  • And we -- it does extent all the way up toward Jacksonville, all the way down into West Palm Beach, all the way over to Fort Myers, and northward, almost kind of budging into the pan -- the Big Bend area, almost into the Panhandle, but not quite just yet. CNN Transcript Sep 5, 2004
  • Fly fishers in the salt water environment need something entirely different to their freshwater counterpart on the chalk stream, as does the angler who fishes big reservoirs.
  • When fishing the ocean you need a good quality reel that is corrosion proof and fitted with a good quality and workable drag system that won't seize up when you hook that big one.
  • Xmas hurtles at us like a skateboarding troll trundling downhill - it's big, impressive, but to be viewed with a certain trepidation by those in its path. Toys R Us - Military Sword & Sorcery is coming ("#### Harry Potter! Daddy, where's my axe?")
  • Just because the American people are disgusted with higher taxes, bigger government, left wing liberal give away policies and pacifist foreign policy attitudes, this idiot thinks the Tea Party activist is in someway trying to bring the country down. Clinton warns against violent anti-government attitude
  • Tonight is a big night, because tonight I am going to my first creative writing class.
  • Sefelt has pulled back halfway normal, swelling up and down with big wet, rattling breaths.
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