How To Use Bidirectional In A Sentence

  • It is highly likely that the relationship is bidirectional, with drug use playing a role in the commission of crimes and with crime reinforcing drug-using behavior.
  • The much broader climate change claim is bidirectional, and can include such non-temperature-related changes as frequency of storms, and even both droughts and floods.
  • The restricted intergenic distances indicated a "locked" arrangement of the genes that flank bidirectional promoters, further suggesting that 5'UTRs could be predicted across species on the basis of conservation of gene synteny around these promoters. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • In a connection-switched network, you have guaranteed delivery, bidirectionally, without delay across the line. The Volokh Conspiracy » The FCC and the Internet:
  • The integration of the tools is bidirectional, that is, Expression Blend also has access to system data and events from EB GUIDE Studio. Embedded Computing Design
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  • However, this leaves a problem, namely which gene in a pair of bidirectional protein-coding genes should we consider the sense gene and which the antisense?
  • A presentation is given of the configuration, characteristics and use in actual production of the internals of a bidirectional flow cross heat exchange ammonia converter.
  • First, in order for electronic prescribing to be truly effective, the information has to flow bidirectionally. E-Prescription Issues
  • Stabilizing selection may yield bidirectional effects because an average individual in a population may sometimes be above and sometimes below an optimum for a character.
  • They exchange energy bidirectionally, from physical to ethereal, and ethereal to physical. Meditation as Medicine
  • Axial transport of melanosomes in the dendritic arms of melanocytes is now recognized as another bidirectional dual transport system, containing microtubules near the central axis and subcortical actin filaments.
  • The types of communication from one subsystem to another may be unidirectional or bidirectional.
  • Paths through these networks are generally bidirectional, and the concept of a label must be abstracted to the particular technology being signaled.
  • The device includes a therapy generator having a housing and electronics for conducting bidirectional communication with the patient.
  • An embossed medical nonwoven tape offers the bidirectional tearability generally associated with perforated plastic tapes and the comfort and extended-wear capabilities of microporous tapes.
  • In the event the driver elects to use only fusees or liquid-burning flares in lieu of bidirectional reflective triangles or red flags, the driver must ensure that at least one fusee or liquid-burning flare remains lighted at each of the prescribed locations as long as the commercial motor vehicle is stopped or parked.
  • The integration of the two is quite good with regard to overall function and bidirectional data associativity.
  • Whereas shortwave radio during the Cold War was very unidirectional ... with the Internet these technologies are by definition bidirectional, meaning that it gives an opportunity for citizens within these states to also communicate amongst themselves and with the outside world.
  • Tucker tried to separate the relationships between bidirectional reflectance ratios and firstly, the biomass, secondly, the productivity.
  • All prior HDMI versions are bidirectional, meaning that either end can talk to the other. BN - Broadcast Newsroom-news
  • In this framework, we characterize the bidirectional relationship between the entry behavior and profit margins; compare the entry barriers and the competition intensity in 4 sub-industries.
  • The link slave devices and the link controller include protocol logic for communication according to a bidirectional protocol.
  • Using Bidirectional georgia to reinforce bridgehead embankment is new method of accounting for bumpingat bridge head.
  • But critics like El Mundo's Aitor Hernández-Morales have noted the project's key mistakes: importantly, it didn't show any interest for people's opinion or any kind of bidirectional communication ... Daily Digest | Making Health Care Myths with Data Visualization
  • These two methods were used to calculate the relative bidirectional reflectance of ten contrasting surfaces.
  • In order to provide stronger signals in both directions, a bidirectional amplifier is needed.
  • The link slave devices and the link controller include protocol logic for communication according to a bidirectional protocol.
  • From September 22-28, join us for computer networks, a nonbroadcast multiaccess (NBMA) medium or transmission system is one to which more than two users can connect, but that does not support broadcasts to all participants, or Asynchronous Transfer Mode, which create bidirectional paths between a hub point and a group of spoke points. Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]
  • Their aspect ratio speaks to their ability to move energy vertically in both directions, thermal energy upward and electrical engergy and mechanical energy bidirectionally. USCCSP: Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere « Climate Audit
  • This bidirectional approach to the data allows the investigation of important issues while maintaining the primacy of the actual data.
  • For example, MindArk has a bidirectionally convertable currency for Entropia Universe. The Latest on the Virtual Tax
  • Error prevention features cannot be implemented easily without bidirectional connectivity.
  • As Web traffic is real-time and bidirectional, for example, delaying is not really possible.
  • The positions of sequences encoding homeodomains are shown by bidirectional arrows.
  • These two methods were used to calculate the relative bidirectional reflectance of ten contrasting surfaces.
  • The riflery event basic category is the rifle (fire), the pistol (fire), runs the target, throws the target (fire) and the bidirectional flying saucer (fire).
  • A dedicated wavelength pair for bidirectional transmission serves each node.
  • The riflery event basic category is the rifle (fire), the pistol (fire), runs the target, throws the target (fire) and the bidirectional flying saucer (fire).
  • In all apterygotes and in mayflies it is bidirectional.
  • Stage II, known as the bidirectional Glenn or the hemiFontan, typically occurs within four to six months of birth. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS)
  • Two-way radio communications enhancement systems commonly referred to as bidirectional amplifiers or repeaters are replacing the firefighter telephones in many jurisdictions to improve fire ground communications within a building. CSE - Top Articles
  • With programmability, bidirectional travel, speed, and accessories, the transport pallet can change paths with maximum flexibility.
  • An edge, however, is bidirectional, meaning you can follow it in both directions.
  • An adaptive electronic transmission signal cancellation circuit separates transmit data from receive data in a bidirectional communication system operating in full duplex mode.
  • Animal research has established a bidirectional effect of selenium and arsenic with each metal preventing a toxic effect of the other.
  • To regulate capital account must follow the objective laws of economic growth to guide the bidirectional capital flows.
  • However, the nature of the construct lends itself to a bidirectional measure: work interference with family and family interference with work.
  • A transesophageal echocardiogram disclosed a probable fenestrated atrial septum with an aneurysm and a bidirectional shunting that was confirmed by cardiac catheterization in supine position.
  • Banorte has announced plans to team with a Texas bank to offer free transfers and check cashing between the banks -- bidirectionally. Currency Exchange
  • Aquaporins mediate the bidirectional passage of water over membranes and are present in tonoplasts and in plasma membranes of plant cells.
  • We also accomplished the extraction of unidirectional movement from the bidirectional movements along the linear tracks by adding arrowhead patterns on the tracks.
  • It has three capsules, with settings for stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional recording; a built-in headphone amplifier for latency-free monitoring; and dials to control gain and headphone volume. Boing Boing
  • The Pro560 is equipped with a precision-ground 5mm/rev ballscrew and a 2,500 line-motor-mounted encoder for a positioning resolution of 0. 5um and bidirectional repeatability of +/- 1um. Manufacturingtalk - manufacturing industry news
  • According to some experts in Europe and the US, the idea was launched too late, only three months before the election day; it was mainly in English, in a region with 22 co-official languages; it didn´t show any interest for people´s opinion or any kind of bidirectional communication. European Parliament Dips Its Toe Into Social Networking
  • Woven Roving is a bidirectional fabric made by interweaving direct roving in plain weave pattern.
  • An adaptive electronic transmission signal cancellation circuit for separating transmit data from receive data in a bidirectional communication system operating in full duplex mode is disclosed.
  • A single clone was then selected for complete bidirectional sequencing.
  • The evidence for tidal influence arises from documentation of bidirectional cross-strata, tidal bundles, tidal rhythmites and periodic variation in foreset thickness.
  • The few previous methods that were "bidirectional" like the current design, using output energy for input energy, required constant driving of the device, resulting in a complex implementation and requiring a significant amount of energy for driving the system, which made them barely realistic. - latest science and technology news stories
  • A bidirectional shift register, which is capable of shifting bits to the left (L) or right (R), will then be capable of performing modulo-2 division and multiplication operations.

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