How To Use Bibliographer In A Sentence

  • Here is a public version of the one of the titles on our list - a Polish art history journal - had already been flagged by another WorldCat user (traveling under the alias 'bibliographer'). ArchivesBlogs
  • This is because the book trade has a habit of using terms less precisely than the bibliographer and collector.
  • The descriptive bibliographer will, typically, describe the title page of a book or a musical edition, including such elements as printed borders and other decorative devices, typography, and content.
  • An _alphabetical_ arrangement, be the books of whatever kind they may, will in general obviate the inconvenience felt from such an undigested plan; and it were "devoutly to be wished," by all true bibliographers, that an act of parliament should pass for the due observance of this alphabetical order. Bibliomania; or Book-Madness A Bibliographical Romance
  • Park, Thomas (1758/9 – 1834): trained as an engraver, Park became a poet, book-collector, antiquary, bibliographer and editor — not least of Bloomfield's poetry. Index of People
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  • Park, Thomas (1758/9 – 1834): trained as an engraver, Park became a poet, book-collector, antiquary, bibliographer and editor — not least of Bloomfield's poetry. Index of People
  • They should therefore be as much the province of the bibliographer as the clues to its manufacture. The Times Literary Supplement
  • He was a very scholarly bibliographer, with a remarkable flair for collecting valuable first editions; when really desperate he would sell some of these to stave off poverty.
  • Brydges, Sir Samuel Egerton (1762 – 1837): bibliographer and genealogist, MP for Maidstone 1812 – 18. Index of People
  • Two volumes of Bohn's edition of Lowndes's Bibliographer's Manual, the headbands betraying rough handling.
  • So the man whom Clell Peterson called west Kentucky's demon bibliographer is now turning out even more bibliographies from Southern Illinois. HENSLEY CHARLES WOODBRIDGE
  • There were complaints from libraries and bibliographers that the Bulletin's full title was too clumsy.
  • I once tried to do a bibliography of this bibliographer, but lacking his tenacity, I gave up. HENSLEY CHARLES WOODBRIDGE
  • He then moves on to his scholarly work as bibliographer and index maker. The Times Literary Supplement
  • If there are any serious novels exploring the decision to drop the bomb, or the Enola Gay's mission to Hiroshima, no bibliographer has yet uncovered them. Greg Mitchell: Writers and The Bomb: Novel Takes on the Nuclear Age
  • Collection development librarians and bibliographers work with departmental faculty in order to assure that collections reflect institutional research and teaching priorities.
  • He was a bibliographer, bookseller and scholar who championed eerie writing that might otherwise have been overlooked. Times, Sunday Times
  • Romantic familiar essay (e.g. William Hazlitt, Leigh Hunt) and, on the other, of the career of Thomas Frognall Dibdin, prolific bibliographer and premier bibliomaniac, whose reception underlines the way in which the figure of the "bookman" helped to destabilize the divisions organizing the intellectual field. Article Abstracts
  • Tanselle is not a dealer or a librarian, but a bibliographer and textual historian. The Times Literary Supplement
  • Croft, whose secretary Nodier was for a time, dignified in French books by the name of "_philologue_ Anglais"), a good deal more than a kind of bibliographer (he spent the last twenty years of his life as Librarian of the Arsenal), and an enthusiastic and stimulating, though not exactly trustworthy, critic. A History of the French Novel, Vol. 2 To the Close of the 19th Century
  • He was to be Latin American bibliographer for SIU Morris Library and teach in the Foreign Language Department. HENSLEY CHARLES WOODBRIDGE
  • An awesome academic and bibliographer in the social sciences, he was also a palpable influence in my becoming a librarian.
  • Zhang Xuecheng, a famous historian and bibliographer of the Qing Dynasty, devoted all his life to giving lectures, writing and compiling history and annals.
  • It is in the fragments, now so rare and precious, of some alphabets -- of some small grammars published for the use of schools about the middle of the fifteenth century -- or in the letters distributed in Germany by the religious bodies commissioned to collect alms, that bibliographers now seek to discover the first processes employed by the inventors of xylography and typography. The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 3, February, 1851
  • A respected Jack London authority, bibliographer, collector and author. News and Updates
  • Were it not a bad time for a bibliopolists, bibliomaniacs, bibliographers, and bibliotheques which hinder bibliolatry, he would have given them in a bumper, and not drop by drop as if he were afflicted with dysury of the brain. Droll Stories — Complete Collected from the Abbeys of Touraine
  • A Super Editor or eidetic memoried bibliographer I am not. Archive 2010-01-01

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