beta decay

  1. radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of a beta particle
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How To Use beta decay In A Sentence

  • The aim is to use the detector to try to observe a theoretical atomic event called neutrinoless double-beta decay - a radioactive process whereby an atomic nucleus releases two electrons and no neutrinos. PLIGG_Visual_Name - PLIGG_Visual_RSS_All
  • Most beta decays involve the emission of electrons from the nucleus as a neutron decays into an electron and a proton.
  • They will be looking for a characteristic spectrum to emerge from the detectors when a neutrinoless double beta decay is detected - "like a rounded curve with a bump at the end on top of background noise" is how Kouzes put it. - latest science and technology news stories
  • CUORE scientists will wait for neutrinoless double-beta decay to happen in a 750-kilogram cube of tellurium dioxide placed under 1,400 metres of rock at the Gran Sasso laboratory. PLIGG_Visual_Name - PLIGG_Visual_RSS_All
  • I moved to the larger machine where I continued to do some weak interaction experiments, like for instance the determination of the parity violation in the beta decay of the lambda hyperon. Carlo Rubbia - Autobiography
  • The emission of the electron's antiparticle, the positron, is also called beta decay.
  • The committee recommends that the properties of neutrinos be determined through a well-coordinated, staged program of experiments developed with international planning and cooperation. • A phased program of searches for the nature of neutrino mass (using neutrinoless double beta decay) should be pursued with high priority. • DOE and NSF should invite international partners to initiate a multiparty study to explore the feasibility of joint rather than parallel efforts in accelerator-based neutrino experiments. The Future, By Committee
  • At that time Kai Siegbahn had for a number of years developed more and more sophisticated instruments for analyzing electrons emitted at the decay of certain radioactive nuclei - so called beta decays. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1981 - Presentation Speech
  • This is the force responsible for nuclear beta decay, which, for example, permits a neutron to decay into a proton, electron, and a third particle -- the neutrino which without extremely carefully designed experiments leaves no observable signatures of its own strictly speaking, it is the neutrino's antiparticle known as the antineutrino. Lisa Randall: CERN or Einstein? Interpreting the Findings
  • This new weak current had also to be electrically charged because in beta decay the neutral neutron turns into a positive proton.
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