How To Use Bellboy In A Sentence

  • After a little while the bellboy realized that there was a special on rooms that night and the price for the men's room should have been $25. Math problem?
  • He was around 12 years old, a mop of blond hair and dressed like a Harrods bellboy in red outfit and gold braid.
  • Numerous taxicabs and limousines pulled up to the gilded doorway, dropping off guests while young bellboys carted luggage up the service elevator to various suites.
  • In a post of mine in October 2009 that I called 'Jazz means Democracy,' I wrote: 'It doesn't matter if you're old or young; man or woman; a billionaire or a bellboy; free or inside a prison; Muslim or Christian, or Jew. 'Train' Out of Iran
  • A clerk told him the number of his reserved room, and handed a bellboy the key.
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  • The receptionists were all half-awake, and the bellboys didn't look too happy either when they carried our whole group's trunks.
  • She smiled teasingly and blew a kiss at Leo as he began helping the bellboy load up the trolley with the luggage.
  • The taxi pulled in front of the hotel and a bellboy immediately retrieved his luggage from the boot of the car.
  • ‘Thank you,’ Trent said, wrapping an arm around Ally and following the bellboy up to their room.
  • From here our bellboy must've been sent to the desk to look for the keys. WHITE LIES
  • Behind them a bellboy walked in, a pile of newspapers under his arm.
  • Speranza, white-faced and furiously gesticulative, commanded the astonished bellboy to put that "Bah! pig-idiot!" out into the hall and air the room immediately afterward. The Portygee
  • Seeing how the first option was probably just the product of wishing, I left my duffel bag to the bellboy, who seemed to be struggling to keep Gillian's bags on top of the cart, and marched over to the reception desk.
  • God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things done," said the great preacher Harry Emerson Fosdick. Rick Hamlin: Is It Okay to Pray for Material Things?
  • His subjects were factory workers, bellboys, washerwomen, road workers and beggars.
  • A world without bills and coins is coming—even for the pack of gum, the bellboy and the babysitter. Time for Cash to Cash Out?
  • Carl shook his head as the bellboys sweated over the task.
  • Bellboys, porters, restroom attendants and taxi drivers will happily accept loose change.
  • Some say Idi is briefly a bellboy at the Imperial Hotel in Kampala, bright buttons shining.
  • Five minutes later the elevator bellboy came running down the hall.
  • Norton Baskin, the owner, has instructed the bellboy to be on the lookout for the famed African-American writer Zora Neale Hurston and to take her up to his private apartment as soon as she arrives. Southern Soulmates
  • He opened some booze, poured out two glasses and told the bellboy to start taking his selection outside, table first. WHITE LIES
  • ‘Here's your room, Madame Ashley and Monsieur Charles ’, the bellboy said, extending his right hand toward the door.
  • Inside reminded her of a hotel; maroon carpet, cream walls and bellboys in black and grey suits.
  • Robin instructed a bellboy to take my luggage up to my room.
  • Call room service. The bellboy will eventually arrive and take your bags to the lobby, where you take a taxi to the airport, board a plane, and several connections later, you arrive back in the UK.
  • For the next two days Tony Rizzoli stayed in his room, waiting for a knock on the door, sending a bellboy out for food. A KNIFE BETWEEN THE RIBS
  • You are a bellboy in a fancy hotel.
  • She paid the driver as the bellboys got her luggage and took them up to Justin's room.
  • Matt grabbed our key and the girl behind the counter called a bellboy to take our luggage up to our room on the sixth floor overlooking the sea.
  • Anyway, all I did was tell the bellboy in the hall that I had locked myself out, and the next thing I know he's opening the door.
  • We checked in at the desk, and a bellboy brought us up to our suite.
  • So each man originally paid $10, but after the bellboy gave each man $1 back, each man paid $9. 9 x 3 = $27 plus the $2 the bellboy put in his pocket equals $29. Math problem?
  • The valet boys met us eagerly and called for a bellboy to retrieve our luggage.
  • The bellboys had already taken our luggage up to our rooms and were setting them up for us.
  • We've heard a lot about the bellboy, the bellhop that this alleged victim made her immediate outcry to.
  • Each man paid $10 to the bellboy and proceeded to their room. Math problem?
  • ‘Please come this way,’ said the bellboy politely to us.
  • Blood was running so hard that I got frightened and I called the bellboy … he helped me make a bandage … I’m still wearing it in fact …” She presented her right index finger, wrapped up in a pink gummy strip. The 13 Culprits
  • We went up on top to where you could have your dog walked by a bellboy. MR STARLIGHT
  • I probably wasn't very clever’ - he became, at 16, a bellboy at the London Hilton Hotel. ‘I had no ambition for the industry.
  • Among them is the case of Ted Serios, a former Chicago bellboy who became a hit as a cultural oddity in the 1960s with his seeming ability to produce images on Polaroid film by using a rolled up piece of cardboard he called a "gismo" to channel psychic energy into the camera. A Psychic Detective of Another Sort
  • Numerous taxicabs and limousines pulled up to the gilded doorway, dropping off guests while young bellboys carted luggage up the service elevator to various suites.
  • “Johnny Berlin” follows the titular train porter (a cross between a maid and a bellboy) as he carries out his tour of duty aboard a refurbished 1930s luxury train travelling up and down the West coast. Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat
  • He recovered sufficient consciousness to call a bellboy and told him that he wanted to go to the Townes Hospital, a famous institution for alcoholics, presided over by the late Dr. Silkworth, one of the greatest men in the field of alcoholism—now deceased but never to be forgotten. The Power of Positive Thinking
  • When he left school, he was due for National Service in 6 months, so it was difficult to get a job, so he took the position as a hotel bellboy.

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