How To Use Bed sheet In A Sentence

  • One minute I can hear the birds outside, the staccato of the fan, the light flapping of my bed sheet in the fan draft.
  • In doing so he referred to the evidence of the pathologist and concluded that it was pure speculation to suggest that the deceased was bound with the bed sheet.
  • I can almost smell the scent of his bed sheets, fresh linen so soft against my skin.
  • There are ready-made shirts, churidars, bed sheets, cotton mattresses and pillows, khadi-silk sarees, khadi-silk shirts, spun-silk shirts, T-shirts, lungis, towels and carpets, among other things.
  • By the time you got to the train, the bows were so enormous that just one of them alone could have served as a tablecloth or bed sheet.
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  • The germs survive for hours - even days - on hospital rails, bed sheets and countertops.
  • She drops the turkey on the floor, uses a bed sheet as a tablecloth, and attempts to mash uncooked potatoes.
  •  Doc sat there, sneezing and sniffling, blowing his nose into a pocket-handkerchief the size and color of a bed sheet. Mona
  • Half of her yellow bed sheets laid on the floor, companied by pop cans and potato chip bags.
  • The silk shoes and the crewel panel at the Connecticut Historical Society enlarge the meaning of the bed sheet in the Beinecke.
  • The tumultuous morass of geodesic structures is cobbled together from aluminum poles, plastic bags, bed sheets, and rope.
  • She rolls up from the bed sheets for the radio dial, twisting off a cracker song about hard luck in a mobile home, tracking and tuning along a fine path of hisses and whoops while I add up her ribs and the notches of her bowed spine and touch the wadded muscles of her skinny back and Kyra goes Stop it, Joe and settles on Beethoveny music and we go to sleep. Rodeo Days
  • Each piece is neatly framed with fabric printed with horses and superheroes, like children's bed sheets.
  • Devan blinked her eyes open, meeting the sight of her screwed bed sheets.
  • We twisted the bed sheets into a rope and escaped by climbing down it.
  • Apparently, the thread count of one's bed sheets is of great importance.
  • Tossing the bed sheets into the washer, I turned on the water and poured in a bit of soap, closing the lid after and letting it work itself.
  • There are ready-made shirts, churidars, bed sheets, spun-silk shirts, T-shirts, and carpets, among other things.
  • If you cannot afford curtains, use a tablecloth, bed sheet or cloth shower curtain. Times, Sunday Times
  • Patients, who [plantiffs 'attorneys] contend did not receive showers on a regular basis, walked around with catheters leaking and dragging on the ground, had wounds left untreated and were forced to sit in soiled bed sheets for hours or, in some cases, even days. Lisa Derrick: More Than Marijuana: Humboldt County DA Wins Big for Seniors
  • A few government officials have been arrested for stashing away relief material which were meant for victims of the earthquake such as tents, solar lanterns, milk powder, food packets and bed sheets.
  • They put on a bed sheet and ride around trying to get something out of their systems.
  • Unfortunately, there is a perfuse amount of dried up blood all over my pearl white fitted bed sheet and duvet cover (all by Sferra Millesimo Linens), which I purchased at Bergdorf (only) last week. Dealbreaker
  • Usually seen in drapes and bed sheets, most people do not use a straight polyester fabric to decorate with, or really at any time. Decorating White Spaces by Adding a Delicate Touch of Color
  • As she turned to go, Baby Suggs caught a glimpse of some-thing dark on the bed sheet.
  • She called up to Noelle to dump all the pillowcases and bed sheets downstairs, so I could take them to the Laundromat.
  • a queerly inscribed sheet of paper
  • Talia's room, when we reach it and I actually take the time to observe it, is decorated in varying shades of pastel blue, more or less coordinating the curtains and the bed sheets.
  • We in the Caribbean certainly have the capacity to manufacture our own cotton goods such as bed sheets, baby layettes and a wide variety of garments.
  • She sits up in her light lilac nightie with the summer bed sheets surrounding her on their thick feather stuffed bed.
  • I ought to have gone on to change the bed sheets and pillow cases but energy levels persuaded me otherwise.
  • Now the cash registers go ker-ching every time there's a fumble beneath the bed sheets.
  • The neatly folded scented bed sheets and the four-poster bed made of ash wood had this annoying elegance, which seems to be mocking at her frustration.
  • My torso and legs were neatly tucked underneath a white bed sheet, while my arms were resting above it.
  • In the summer of 1975, a young climber named David Breashears set his sights on a beautiful, unclimbed sheet of rock rising from the ground on a cliff south of Boulder.

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