How To Use Beanstalk In A Sentence

  • Eventually, as the pile grows like Jack's beanstalk, the pressure on the publicists grows.
  • The final layer of polish for this DVD is, of course, the translation into English, and the subtitles come out just fine (even though they use yet another translation of Otani's nickname for Risa, adding "beanstalk" to a thesaurus that already includes "Amazon" and "jumbo gal"). Anime News Network
  • Jack, of beanstalk fame, makes his fortune as a newspaper delivery boy in this new twist on some old fairy tales.
  • Pictured: huge 'beanstalk' sunflower that has grown 10 feet in a month news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph
  • Richard Ashton has appeared in Jack And The Beanstalk already this year, but what a contrast to this winter's pantomime engagement at York Theatre Royal.
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  • Jack follows the story of Jack (of beanstalk, giant-killing, spring heels, etc fame), a rogue Fable who is banished for the sin of making best-selling movies about his adventures. Boing Boing
  • They may have finished with a whimper, after the biggest collapse since the giant came tumbling down the beanstalk. The Sun
  • There had been a beanstalk there once, but that had been cut down, and over the years an oak tree had grown there instead.
  • And now you've gone and made the man under the sheep run down a beanstalk. Times, Sunday Times
  • The mammoth tree, one of the tallest flowering plants alive, shoots up and up and up, disappearing into the sky like Jack's beanstalk.
  • For Jack, it was a magic bean that helped his beanstalk grow.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk opened last night with an outstanding cast of actors who helped bring to life the daring adventures of a boy and a monster plant in a hilarious adaptation of the classical children's tale.
  • This is the tree that Jack mistook for a beanstalk; once planted it never stops growing.
  • The magic lamp, giant beanstalk, crystal slipper thing still seems to wash, though. Times, Sunday Times
  • Jack's "Hitchety! hatchety! up I go!" as he joyously mounted his beanstalk, in the old nursery story. Little Brothers of the Air
  • A witness told The People, ‘He plunged from the beanstalk and on to the stage with a huge thump.’
  • The beanstalk that Jack planted grew really fast!
  • Jack climbed the beanstalk, where he found a giant woman living in a castle.
  • It was all about what happened when Jack found a beanstalk in his garden that grew there from some magic beans.
  • Ally was talking about what would happen if giant beanstalks really existed.
  • They won't grow into a mammoth beanstalk leading to a giant's castle and gold.
  • When he got to the bottom, Jack chopped the beanstalk down, and the giant fell to the ground, dead.
  • There's no word on whether magic beans, a giant beanstalk or a pantomime cow are involved, though we hear Kevin Spacey is up for playing the cow* should McQuarrie add such a role. Empire News
  • Now, the idea behind the beanstalk is that you connect Colonial Station with the Earth through a 'beanstalk' — a bunch of cables, like those out the window — and a bunch of elevator platforms, like the one we're on now, that can travel back and forth. Old Mans War
  • He climbed down the beanstalk and chopped the whole thing down, killing the giant, who was trying to climb down.
  • Bigby has his suspects, including her ex-boyfriend, Jack of beanstalk fame, and a surprise suitor in Blue Beard. Getting Graphic: "Fables: Legends in Exile" by Bill Willingham
  • Sets were well constructed and particularly effective were the scenes depicting the beanstalk growing - UV light and the shimmering silver of the sky at night, catching and reflecting the light around the hall.
  • The classic English fairy tale is embellished with elegant visual sweeps of the beanstalk and the castle in the sky.
  • They take up residence at the Pavilion Theatre for the annual pantomime of silly jokes and bad wigs in an all new, up-to-date production of Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • We would like to invite you to our annual Beanstalk Sports Day.
  • A curious handsome hero, a giant, a wacky wizard, some magic beans and a massive beanstalk are all part and parcel of this panto in Cork.
  • Pesky little deer nibbling at our pea flowers last week and they also found their way to the beanstalks cutting the buds off!
  • There is something magical about growing beanstalk. Times, Sunday Times
  • I was told that if I planted these beans, a giant beanstalk would shoot up into the sky, as far as the human eye could see.
  • Most months there is lima bean hay, which with its mature beans and full beanstalks resembles the goats' fibrous wild diet.
  • A novel about the troubles of building a 'beanstalk' or space elevator, which is decent enough - involving the best talent at building large spanning structure around at the time. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: The Web Between the Worlds - Charles Sheffield
  • To make a growth promoter, find a beanstalk growing like mad, clip the leaves at the top of vine (where all the growth is happening) and make a brew of the resident microbes.
  • They grow faster than beanstalks and instinctively they will incline toward the light.
  • Worst of them is the failure to show us the beanstalk growing. Times, Sunday Times
  • But they are now delighted after watching its dramatic growth with the "beanstalk" now standing at a towering 14ft1in after growing 10 feet in just four weeks. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph
  • It turned out that the beanstalk was an elemental creature that then proceeded to start destroying neighborhoods. Take a Look Inside Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy II Diary «
  • Before long Jack and Mary find themselves grappling with a sinister plot involving cross-border money laundering, bullion smuggling, problems with beanstalks, titans seeking asylum, and the cut and thrust world of international chiropody. The Big Over Easy: Summary and book reviews of The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde.
  • Several families were harvesting bright yellow oca (a sweet potato), and the shore was dotted with wigwam-shaped piles of dark green haba beanstalks drying in the blinding afternoon sun.
  • And the beanstalk is the only technology the CU has decided to show us. Old Mans War
  • Partly constructed of baggy fabric, it looks a little like a cross between a reptile and, disappointingly, a panto beanstalk. Times, Sunday Times
  • We can see a huge tower that stretches like a filthy metallic beanstalk up through the cloud. The Sun
  • Once stones are matched up something ‘good’ or ‘lucky’ happens, such as a beanstalk sprouting up to the clouds or a treasure chest appearing somewhere on the map.
  • Any adult would mock someone who claimed to believe that Jack climbed the beanstalk to fetch the hen (let alone would order his life in accordance with the tale, let alone try to force others to so order their lives) Why should fairy tales, or their followers, deemed “religious” get aÂpass? The Volokh Conspiracy » 1. Science, Faith, and Not Ruling Out Possibilities
  • The riches he found at the top of the beanstalk are all frittered away and, faced with the prospect of becoming just another agricultural statistic, the terrified animals are forced to flee into the forest.
  • Sustainism offers that if properly nurtured through a cultural revolution, its nuggets of wisdom will grow to become the mighty beanstalk of ecological achievement and will bear a cornucopia of contributions toward a sustainable way of life and work as a tidier world is created in their literal image. Michael DeJong: The Human Stain on "Sustainism"

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