How To Use Bath chair In A Sentence

  • Before the 20th century, wheelchairs with rigid frames and bath chairs made of wood, wicker and iron were cumbersome contraptions. Times, Sunday Times
  • Instead, a frenziedly spirited troupe of backing dancers is left to pick up the slack, while Britney clambers aboard various moving parts of machinery and is wheeled around like an ancient maiden aunt being taken for her morning perambulation in a bath chair. Britney Spears review
  • In fact, my dear, we've looked out the old bath chair.
  • After I figured out about having CFS, I switched to fantasies of the other kind of sanitarium, those elegant refuges for wealthy folks with tuberculosis, where a kindly nurse in a starched uniform wheels you out in your wicker bath chair onto the porch to take the air while you make desultory conversation with the other patients and sip lukewarm tea. Blogging for CFS/ME: Honor those to whom honor is due
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