How To Use Base runner In A Sentence

  • What made the game a little more deadly was that the outfielders were also equipped with daggers to throw at the base runners as they rounded for home! Five Reasons Baseball Isn't All That American... | myFiveBest
  • In 1926, the rule was changed, giving a batter credit for a sacrifice fly if any base runner advances on the catch.
  • The Dodgers once had a squeeze call that required the third base coach, Leo Durocher, calling the base runner by his last name.
  • A base runner may try to" steal" a base by running to the next base while the pitcher is throwing the ball to another player.
  • Baseball To catch (a base runner) off base and put out with a quick throw, as from the pitcher or catcher, often to a specified base.
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  • The ball hit the base runner and caromed into the hands of the second baseman who threw the batter/runner out.
  • Baseball To advance a few paces away from one's base toward the next while the pitcher is in the delivery. Used of a base runner.
  • Tom's hit brought in both base runners.
  • Since when do base runners not go from first to third on a single to right field?

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