base pair

  1. one of the pairs of chemical bases joined by hydrogen bonds that connect the complementary strands of a DNA molecule or of an RNA molecule that has two strands; the base pairs are adenine with thymine and guanine with cytosine in DNA and adenine with uracil and guanine with cytosine in RNA
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How To Use base pair In A Sentence

  • Restriction map A map of a segment of DNA showing the cleavage sites of restriction endonucleases and their physical distance apart, usually measured in base pairs.
  • the human genome contains approximately three billion chemical base pairs
  • The empirical rules, which take into account the non neighbor interactions between the base pair steps, have been presented to predict the local bending of B DNA.
  • This package contains a number of substitution models for nucleotides and RNA base pairs.
  • For single bulges in RNA oligonucleotides, the conformation usually depends on the nature of the flanking base pairs.
  • It is probably that the conjugated plane of gossypol is inserted into the base pair pleated sheet of the DNA double helical structure to associate with thymine through weak polar bond.
  • In the formation of the double helix, a total of 12 rotors are restricted per base pair stack.
  • Helicases are protein motors that use the energy of NTP hydrolysis to dissociate the hydrogen bonding between the nucleic acid duplexes and also to disrupt other non-covalent interactions between complementary base pairs.
  • Later it was found that homopurine strands can also specifically form a DNA triplex in which the AT base pair is contacted by an A and the GC base pair by a G.
  • Carbohydrates are made of simple sugars, proteins are made up of 20 amino acids, and nucleic acids are compose of oxy- and deoxy- nucleic sugars and 5 base pairs.
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