How To Use Bar mitzvah In A Sentence

  • I spent a huge sum of money to become a Java programmer, and now I'm whoring myself out making balloon animals at bar mitzvahs.
  • He could cry at Christenings, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, wakes.
  • I awkwardly boogied my way in her direction, decorating myself en route with the obligatory bar mitzvah dance floor peacockery, and we locked eyes. The Human Bobby
  • When word of the Bar Mitzvah got out, the warden was criticized, the Chaplain was criticized, the person who "ratted" was criticized. Cross-Currents
  • Over the decades, as the local Galata community dwindled, Neve Shalom became a locus for ceremonials - during Rosh Hashanah and at bar mitzvahs, weddings, funerals and the like.
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  • Currently, female relatives who want to see a bar mitzvah from the women's section must stand on plastic chairs and peer over the top of the tall barrier, called a mechitza. Western Wall Partition: Jewish Authorities To Implement New One-Way Divider Between Men, Women
  • Has George Bush ever been to a bar mitzvah or eaten a blintz? Jon Wiener: "[Expletive] the Jews. They didn't vote for us anyway": Republicans and Israel
  • In what he calls a rite of passage like a "Southern bar mitzvah," he says that, except for his toddler, "I've taught all my children how to shoot. Arming Obama
  • Within the Jewish community, I have married, raised a family, and become, I hope, a good father. We recently celebrated our oldest son's Bar Mitzvah.
  • For example, the only thing I remember my grandfather giving me as a child was a reel-to-reel Wollensak tape recorder for my Bar Mitzvah.
  • Eric had a space-travel-themed bar mitzvah at the Chanticleer in Short Hills when we were both in seventh grade.
  • Our son will be Bar Mitzvahed this Spring and both of his mothers will be there to honor him. the nachas we share about our children and our marriage is no different than my heterosexual brother or sister. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Gays as the New Religious Bogeyman
  • As a teenager, what was his bar mitzvah like?
  • I have no real formal music training, like every other punk who gets a keyboard for his bar mitzvah.
  • Boys aren't allowed to wear tefillin until after their bar mitzvah; women can choose to wear them but rarely do.
  • The Kaddish is to be recited only in the presence of a duly constituted quorum, a minyan, which consists of ten males above the age of Bar Mitzvah.
  • The fourth dressed turned out to be made by the same designer who gave us the dominatrix dress, only this one, in the words of my wife, was "flapperish": a dress to Charleston in, not that anyone does the Charleston anymore, not even at bar mitzvah parties. Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local
  • Using his bar mitzvah cash at the tender age of 13, the lankily hip youngster bought himself a turntable and mixer.
  • And then one day, just before his bar mitzvah, they put insoles in his shoes, and suddenly the guy was a whole new person.
  • Meanwhile, advances from Microsoft’s labs can approach bar mitzvah age before finding their way into products.
  • But on the morning of Michael's bar mitzvah, she sat proudly in the synagogue--Sara beside her--as the services began. LASTING TREASURES
  • As his daughter lovingly describes him, he was in constant movement, a one-man service combination, who cared for his flock from the cradle to the grave, as mohel (circumciser) and Bar Mitzvah teacher, as celebrant at weddings, as a dayan granting divorce, as leader of prayers and as a judge in the ghetto. Mischket Liebermann.
  • Even just after they develop their adult brains, they are highly impressionable, which is why confirmations and bar mitzvahs etc are all held at about that time. Archive 2008-08-01
  • The first occurred at a grandson's bar mitzvah during what is know as the Torah Passing Ceremony where family members stand in line on the bimah stage and the Rabbi symbolically passes the holy scrolls down from one generation to another. Marsha Temlock: Grandparents Fan the Flame of Divorce
  • a bar mitzvah is an important social event
  • Your misinterpretation of vichyssoise ruined my Bar Mitzvah!
  • Along with the awful band at the next wedding or Bar Mitzvah you're dragooned into.
  • Jews gather at the Western Wall to read the Torah during a bar mitzvah celebration.
  • The first cut is done at the front of the head, at the spot where the boy will later place his tefillin upon becoming Bar Mitzvah.

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