How To Use Bantering In A Sentence

  • I grew weary of his bantering style of conversation.
  • When Carson died in 2005, McMahon said he was "like a brother to me," and recalled bantering with him on the phone a few months earlier. 'Tonight' Sidekick Ed McMahon Dies at 86
  • Those who scorn to submit to the discipline of religion, scorn to take God's yoke upon them, scorn to be beholden to his grace, who scoff at godliness and godly people, and take a pleasure in bantering and exposing them, God will scorn them, and lay them open to scorn before all the world. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)
  • I persuaded my friend to come here to meet you, but he didn't know he was coming to a Church service, Father Ruthvere," she said banteringly. The Eagle And The Nightingale
  • Francis thought of John, generous, bantering, good-hearted to a fault. DARE CALL IT TREASON
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  • I could hear the President and Hillary bantering in the background.
  • Carnival ritual" is the main ritual of carnival, which is "Putting on crown and taking off crown banteringly ".
  • Chip's tone was bantering, but the words made their point.
  • However, the EXPECTATION any intelligent discourse from wwallace will result in disappoint and additional frustration, followed by ignorant rhetorical bantering that will only prove their self-serving interests rather than any plausible or factual data to support their claims. Think Progress » McCain: Murtha “Has Become Too Emotional”
  • May 23, 2006, 10: 18 am auto insurance fraud says: auto insurance fraud inquisitively! allegretto bantering gallery digressing The Volokh Conspiracy » Arafat. Godfather of Terror:
  • Right, because all of this bantering is all about no one? | /Film
  • He's been bantering with reporters about a variety of issues.
  • “If you are going to champion Father Goriot, and set up for his responsible editor into the bargain, you had need be a crack shot and know how to handle the foils,” he said, banteringly. Father Goriot
  • Francis thought of John, generous, bantering, good-hearted to a fault. DARE CALL IT TREASON
  • a bantering tone
  • he spoke to her banteringly
  • In stockily disproportionately website design company is to entlebucher polygon and a uncultivable remoteness and bricole banteringly affect and secretary gender in consequence. Rational Review
  • Perhaps "-- banteringly --" we might even discuss the question of those notes of hand again -- later on! The Vision of Desire
  • bright red Williams says banteringly , "Can let a player feel you are irritated, just be an eligible customer service.
  • Once in those days Mark Twain banteringly offered to trade businesses with Mackay. Mark Twain: A Biography
  • A bar in which one may engage in such pleasant diversions as drinking beer or wine, bantering lightly or commiserating lachrymosely with friends is only a bar.
  • One need hardly dwell on the catastrophic possibility of uttering a bantering remark only to discover it wholly inappropriate.
  • Foremost through the sparkling sea shoots on the gay, embattled, bantering bow, but only to drag dark Ahab after it, where he broods within his sternward cabin, builded over the dead water of the wake, and further on, hunted by its wolfish gurglings. Moby Dick; or the Whale
  • There was a friendly, bantering tone in his voice.
  • I grew weary of his bantering style of conversation.
  • 115 She took his frivolity in her stride, responded in kind, and their correspondence was soon characterized by a gossipy, bantering repartee. Storyteller
  • In contrast to Attenborough, the boyishly eager Irwin bounded into the frame like Tigger, leaping after the crocs and bantering at full volume: “Crikey!” Unfair Dinkum
  • They take a pride and pleasure in bantering all mankind; they are pests of the country, for they neither fear God nor regard man. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)
  • His glittering eyes rested for a moment in bantering triumph on CHAPTER XV
  • Read McAlister's Fortune by Alissa Johnson, very good, part road romance with just the two together and the witty bantering. Friday Book Club
  • She tried to pretend she didn't know what he meant, but his bantering tone had been deceptive.
  • I loved Logan and Veronica's friendship and their bantering was always perfect. Win VERONICA MARS Season 3 on DVD | the TV addict
  • On the face of it, the ad for Belvita breakfast biscuits seems pretty elementary, with two vaguely faded celebs – Lisa Snowdon and Johnny Vaughan, palpably wondering where those halcyon Big Breakfast days went – bantering about the product, in this case an oaty, grainy biscuitty thing. The Hard Sell: Belvita Breakfast Biscuits
  • That evening we had a fantastic time, drinking dem pints, bantering away and swapping experiences.
  • “Ah! my dear, I am afraid you and your monk are wasting your powder,” said Prince Andrew banteringly yet tenderly. War and Peace
  • He spoke in the bantering tone which had become the habitual expression of his tenderness; but his eyes softened as they absorbed in a last glance the glimmering submarine light of the ancient grove, through which Undine's figure wavered nereid-like above him. The Custom of the Country
  • The first is while bantering with Princess: "Nay then, two treys, and if you grow so nice, Metheglin, wort, and malmsey: well run, dice! Archive 2008-03-01
  • Five minutes later I'd sort of forgotten about it, bantering in the staffroom and discussing someone's speech therapy needs, but there it sat.
  • Francis thought of John, generous, bantering, good-hearted to a fault. DARE CALL IT TREASON
  • Eh, Brother, don't you mean any and all capitalist running dogs are smelly, of which the Noble House and the House of Chen are chief and dung heavy?" he said banteringly. Noble House
  • I am 25 years old, and I think that this elementary school bantering is childish, (this is going to get me flamed) and better left for the playgrounds. Supernatural Season Premiere Spoiler Pics : SF Universe - SF Universe is your Science Fiction central. From SciFi television to movies to books and more. All the latest news, reviews and insights from SciFi experts.
  • He was banteringly urged by the meeting's Thai moderator to encourage the US sportswear maker Nike to start marketing its own contraceptive to help promote anti-HIV practices among the young. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Early attempts, including Cool for Cats and Six-Five Special, combined performances with bantering compères to mixed effect.
  • There are no punters, just about a dozen staff circulating amiably: spraying, wiping, tightening, bantering.
  • Thus he makes a jest of the everlasting gospel, that great truth which the chief priests hated and persecuted, and which Christ was now witnessing to and suffering for; and like men of no religion, who take a pleasure in bantering all religions, he ridicules both sides; and therefore Christ made him no reply. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)
  • We get brief vignettes of Janie and Sport being Janie and Sport (sort of) and a few more of Harriet spying (and I have to say the one with the painter is very creepy because it is about him preying on women, but of course it is totally unsexual as this is Disney), Marion rolling eyes, some bantering with the cook/trainer about tomato sandwiches, and various other similar badly-done references to the original book. Review of Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars « educating alice
  • In New York, Fitzgerald has the reputation of a tough, no-nonsense prosecutor who doesn't relish bantering with reporters.
  • I'm at home, in my Hampstead flat and... "Her voice had altered, lost its bantering tone and become serious. A MATTER OF CONSCIENCE
  • So there is my ground I stand on in the debate- if you can call your bantering debate- TheSeixon. Think Progress » With Latest Budget, Iraq Costs Top Vietnam War
  • “It was your mistake, but I had to suffer for it,” Chris threw back banteringly. The Women’s Room
  • This involves bantering, oftentimes between two people who good-heartedly tease each other.
  • Kitty kept her tone deliberately light and bantering, but Brandon could tell that she was serious.

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