1. an Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and Russia and the Persian gulf
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How To Use Balochi In A Sentence

  • Other notable related Iranian languages include Persian, Kurdish, Balochi, Gilaki, spoken in the Middle East, and Ossetic, which is spoken in the Caucasus. » Afghan
  • It said that the ongoing turmoil in Balochistan was part of a strategy to finally separate the province as ‘Greater Balochistan’. 02 « September « 2008 « Niqnaq
  • Then the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is known to have done this kind general "signalling" - as in the case of the PIDC building blast. Rulers Are Moving Spirit Behind Terrorism
  • December 11th, 2009 at 6: 09 pm mercurino, I think it is reasonable to assume that India helps fund/arm the insurgent elements in Balochistan to some degree. Matthew Yglesias » The View From Pakistan
  • 'Pak has evidence about India's involvement in Balochistan' today said Government was willing to open talks with the Maoists provided they "abjure" violence which, he said, was the only hurdle to hold - Articles related to Pak charge of funding Taliban absurd, baseless: Antony
  • In an article in The New York Review of Books last October, "The Afghanistan Impasse," Ahmed Rashid wrote that the province (which he calls Balochistan), bordering both Afghanistan and Iran, is only slightly more under the control of Pakistan's central government than the country's tribal areas: The Lede
  • Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan and the Panjab, Including a Residence in Those Countries from 1826 to 1838. 3 vols. Connecting Histories in Afghanistan: Market Relations and State Formation on a Colonial Frontier
  • Experts claim that for disaster mitigation, it is necessary to conduct a bathymetrical and topographical survey of the Arabian Sea and coastal cities and towns of Sindh and Balochistan both. Undefined
  • Baloch had few years ago tried to collect funds under the name Balochistan Legal Fund from wealthy Baloch expatriates in the Gulf nations on a pretext that a case would be filed at the International Court of Justice. The News is - The News is Now Public
  • Pakistan has four major ethnic groups – Punjabis, Sindhis, Baloch, and Pathans – and now that they are running out of Hindus, Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians to kill (Pakistan is 99% Muslim), they have turned on each other, and there are major secessionist movements in Balochistan and Sind. Matthew Yglesias » India’s Response to Terrorism
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