How To Use Ballyrag In A Sentence

  • Only don't think I want to ballyrag about the money. Ralph the Heir
  • Naggeneen," said the King, "it's trouble enough you've made for all of us, and it's ballyragging enough you and all the rest of us have got for it, and we don't know, as His Majesty said, what more is to come. Fairies and Folk of Ireland
  • Faix, it's well come up wid the likes o 'you to ballyrag over me. Fardorougha, The Miser The Works of William Carleton, Volume One
  • The members of the Board had been ballyragged around the country last year as the worst health administrators ever.
  • You get a chap like Norris, who, when he loses his hair, has got just about as much tact as a rhinoceros, going and ballyragging the man, and no wonder he won't say anything. A Prefect's Uncle
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  • When handling with creditors and assemblage agencies don't permit them ballyrag you or position you over unpaid balances. Xml's
  • Well, she hunted about everywhere, ballyragging Jack by side and by seam, Jack lying a'most stifled inside the churn, and the poor maid -- or young woman rather -- standing at the door crying her eyes out. Tess of the d'Urbervilles
  • I hope this will be a lesson to you, Doyle, and will teach you not to ballyrag your customers in future. General John Regan
  • He said afterwards that it was a bit too thick on poor old Leonora to be ballyragged any more. The Good Soldier
  • He said afterwards that it was a bit too thick on poor old Leonora to be ballyragged any more.
  • No sooner had he his feet under the table, though, than he was being ballyragged at county board meetings by suits who knew better than he who should be playing.
  • I wouldn't have had an archbishop ballyragging me and ordering me about. Plays of Near & Far
  • What do you mean by assaulting and ballyragging me in this way? Henry Dunbar A Novel
  • I begin to sympathize with the boss, because I know what he felt when I ballyragged him for copy. The Gentleman from Indiana
  • If I could find the oyster of the world, I'd buy the gun they used to shoot the moon, and ballyrag the Governments to never make a law, just tell the truth on Thursday afternoons…
  • [2] To _balrag_ is to abuse -- Mr. Lover makes it _ballyrag_, and he is high authority: but if I remember rightly, Curran in his national stories used to employ the word as above. The Complete Poems of Sir Thomas Moore Collected by Himself with Explanatory Notes
  • He has already suffered enough and any one with such a ballyragging, unreasonable, unladylike, and headstrong wife deserves our sympathy. Duty, and other Irish Comedies
  • But I did not come here to ballyrag like an old woman. Phineas Finn
  • You're not going to ballyrag me and say I'm responsible.
  • I hate arguing with archdeacons; but of course we can't have Lalage put into a witness box and ballyragged by archbishops and people of that kind, and she'd be the only available witness. Lalage's Lovers

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