How To Use Bail bond In A Sentence

  • The bail bond business had always attracted people who should have been in cells themselves.
  • Most private investigators, bail bondsmen and skip tracers have access to these.
  • Yet another was convicted for demanding a 5 % pay-off on all bail bonds paid at the jail.
  • My current foster parents, Bruce and Casey Sanderson, were both bail bondsmen, which meant they put up the bail money so defendants could avoid jail time until their court appearance. Darkness Becomes Her
  • A Columbia University graduate, Rodriguez fell into bail bonds when he was looking to augment his salary from his printing business.
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  • He was a bouncer at a bar, a bail bondsman, a used car salesman known as ‘Tall Paul,’ and a chemical salesman.
  • He starred along with J.T. Terlesky (later calling himself John) as college students looking for some extra income and excitement by hiring themselves out as legmen to a bail bondsman played for two episodes by Don Calfa and after that by Claude Akins.
  • One for the Money by Janet Evanovich: Evanovich found her voice from the very beginning with the tough but charming Trenton bail bondswoman Stephanie Plum. An Books Blog featuring news, reviews, interviews and guest author blogs.
  • And I suspect that it is money that has motivated Vollmann to include the bail bond chapter in The Royal Family.
  • Apart from local government offices and lawyers, the area is more notable for bail bondsmen, thrift shops and old houses.
  • I am 25 years old, and I underwrite bonds for a Bail Bonds company in Swartz Creek, Michigan.
  • According to police and court documents, Raymond Geisel was charged after he told classmates at a bail bondsman training seminar that he would kill Obama if he is elected.
  • Still, Ree - the name might as well be short for 'resourceful' - stands up to drug kingpins and crank addicts, cops and bail bondsmen, and her own neighbors and family members. Aspen Times - Top Stories
  • As bail bondsmen know, just about everyone has some money that they can fork over to free themselves from a tight spot.
  • He said: ‘I need a budget for a bail bondsman - for both of them.’
  • In the small main lobby, there was an elevator with an out-of-order sign on it older than I was, an open door to a stairway, and a directory with little plastic letters spelling out the names of bail bondsmen and repo services on black felt. Free Excerpt 2/5: Book of Secrets by Chris Roberson
  • There's a deceased ex-wife who offers advice from the hereafter, a band of escaped prisoners from the 1960s wreaking havoc on modern-day society and a bail bondswoman who learns that she's really a fairy-tale princess. Must Be the Season of the Weird
  • There was always bail bonds and second chances.
  • He was released from a court cell after a bail bondsman turned up with cash and land title deeds to bid for his release.
  • The defending solicitor accepted it was in breach of the bail bond.
  • Normally, it can go to a surety company which is sort of like a high-class bail bondsman.
  • The usually reliable actor has a small role as a bail bondsman, but he plays the part as a caricature.
  • At least three other adult entertainment outfits, a private investigator and a bail bondsman have reported similar patterns.
  • Advertisements for pawn shops, bail bondsmen and flea markets confirm a crisis.
  • VELEZ-MITCHELL: No, listen, you know, the $50,000 goes back to the bail bondsman, which is your nephew, so it stays in the family, is what he ` s saying. CNN Transcript Aug 26, 2008
  • I could do a million things here, but they would all end up with me calling a bail bondsman.
  • And if it weren't for the bail bondsmen, you'd have prison overcrowding, and who takes care of that but the taxpayer.
  • If your loved ones have problems and got to jail - you might need bail bondsman aka bail agents. Bot Street Journal
  • He had to put up his truck against the bail bond, but there was just no way he was going to let them keep Blair in jail while he found the killer.
  • It was high, fifty thousand, but his lawyer's either got deep pockets or a running tab with a bail bondsman.

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