How To Use Bad hat In A Sentence

  • But if lawyers and solicitors wish themselves to be identified as men of noble standing and exemplariness then they deserve the kind of reverence they will yield from the public should they decide to embrace Karpal Singh's call to sieve out bad hats. Malaysiakini :: News
  • Lydia made him take it off for their charming little heart-to-hearts, so he had the pleasure of sitting there with especially bad hat hair on top of all of his other more regularly apparent problems.
  • There he was, with his "shocking bad hat," his freckled face, his bright eye, and his shrewd expression, smoking his old "dudeen," and gazing at the new world around him. Lands of the Slave and the Free Cuba, the United States, and Canada
  • Most politicians are motivated by the wish to change things for the better: the bad hats stand out.
  • He is really a bad hat.

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