How To Use Backpacking In A Sentence

  • When I did about 30 flights in a row while backpacking in my early twenties, I hardly ever bothered to lock my bags.
  • What advice would you give someone who's about to set out on a long-term backpacking trip? Travel Blissful
  • As anyone who's done it will tell you, backpacking is a great way to travel.
  • I have an under-grad degree and two post-grad qualifications and when I used to come home from long term backpacking trips I happily took on $15 an hour receptionist work. Bill More, Work Less: The #1 Way Freelancers Can Make More Money | Write to Done
  • David learnt of the organisation when backpacking around Romania and saw the work that they were doing and was keen to help.
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  • And yet I learned that formative six-month less that backpacking is what my life is, or ought to be. Waldo Jaquith - Appalachian trial.
  • This houndfish was caught on the last morning of a month long backpacking/fishing trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
  • She also enjoys downhill skiing and backpacking with friends and family.
  • They will be backpacking and trekking for six to eight hours a day most days, so they need a good level of fitness.
  • She went solo backpacking for eight months in the Australian outback.
  • I met a couple who were from Chester, England and they were backpacking around Oz.
  • I went backpacking, but I got a free car and a beautiful house into the bargain and because of the kind of film it was, I got to travel all over New Zealand.
  • So anyway, I'm headed out of town for the next twelve days, to Salt Lake City and then the wilds of Wyoming's Wind Rivers region for some backpacking.
  • Baseball, badminton, golf, swimming or camping, or backpacking, or fishing.
  • On my backpacking travels around the globe I have stayed in many hostels, and the topic always seems to come up in discussions, but it is brought up by all nationalities.
  • Baseball, badminton, golf, swimming or camping, or backpacking, or fishing.
  • Things don't always go to plan when you are backpacking.
  • Besides, there is also backpacking and camping out and an opportunity to contribute towards an ongoing local project with the community.
  • It looks like the Blue Mountains are a great place for backpacking, hiking and canyoning "canyoneering" to us in the US. Hiking
  • A Scout since 1999, Batty is organizing the troop's summer long-term backpacking trip. Simi Valley Acorn
  • For awhile this was fine. I mean, people grow and I wanted to get back to hiking and backpacking.
  • I've used the Alpamayo for backpacking and Nordic ski touring and found it very stable.
  • the backpacking of oxygen is essential for astronauts
  • The tent is light enough for backpacking and touring.
  • It's hard to believe that 10 days from now, I will start my Latin American backpacking adventure. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at
  • She graduated in 1995 and then went backpacking through Africa.
  • Welcome to Iraqi Kurdistan An American backpacking in Baghdad would have a life expectancy of about 20 minutes.
  • In recent years, security while backpacking has sadly become too great an issue to dismiss with a shrug.
  • Of course, the reality is that unless I devote my life to backpacking, I'm unlikely to reach more than a fraction of these destinations.
  • Not for her the sodden fields of Glastonbury or backpacking across a dusty Nepalese valley. The Sun
  • Hip belts Essential for backpacking rucksacks, the hip belt takes most of the load off the shoulders.
  • For our backpacking trips and multi-day ski traverses we like the Nimbus Ozone.
  • How many Pommy visa overstayers are now backpacking their way around Oz presently?
  • I have every kind of backpacking, and car camping stove available, as well as car camp tents, backpacking tents - just imagine that I've collected an incredible amount of gear for both over the years. Silly newbie w/passport & transport needs camping companion
  • The star-grading system, which was introduced in the accommodation industry in 2001, has moved on to other fields - such as the caravan and camping, and backpacking and hostelling categories.
  • Upon arriving in Copenhagen, I was burned out from backpacking and looking forward to a good nap.
  • By the standards of wilderness activities such as backpacking, sea kayaking is ridiculously prodigal of weight and space. From Sea To Shining Sea
  • As anyone who's done it will tell you, backpacking is a great way to travel.
  • The ultralight construction restricts winter use, but for three-season backpacking or bicycle touring, it is an excellent bet.
  • When he is not looking over project Gantt charts he is looking over topo maps and planning backpacking trips in and around Arizona.
  • The enormously popular Outing Club runs local climbing, telemarking, and backpacking trips, as well as summer expeditions to South America and Alaska.
  • Every summer they are backpacking in the Rockies
  • The average age was about thirty and a lot were travelers backpacking around the world.
  • Meanwhile, a 23-year-old Tadcaster man has died in a freak road accident while backpacking in Australia.
  • Then we set about ordering a backpacking stove from each - either an MSR Dragonfly or a Primus MFS, both of which retail for about $100.
  • Blue water sailing is as different from coastal sailing as a Himalayan expedition is from backpacking in the Rockies.
  • Sam spent six months backpacking in Australia after her degree, then worked as assistant marketing manager at a vehicle parts firm near Leeds.
  • Daren:Let's go backpacking around the Greek islands this suer. I found a great travel guide with lists of places to stay and restaurant which aren't expensive.
  • But I'll certainly let you know before I go backpacking in Borneo. C B GREENFIELD - A LITTLE MADNESS
  • It reminded me of the few times I'd seen her first thing in the morning, when we'd been backpacking and shared a tent. LOSING IT
  • For many graduates, university was three years of partying and backpacking, interrupted only by the occasional lecture.
  • It's a bit like spending freshers week trying to find somebody prepared to go backpacking with you the following summer. Times, Sunday Times
  • They take up less room than other foods and don't weigh you down - an important factor when backpacking.
  • The average age was about thirty and a lot were travelers backpacking around the world.
  • I grew up in PA hiking, backpacking, camping, and one of my favorite understory trees in the eastern forest was Eastern Redbud, cercis canadensis. Dancing Around The Truth
  • Just for reference, the man that drummed the “Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot” rule into my head spent his youth backpacking in Puget Sound. The Volokh Conspiracy » The Dale Peterson Ad
  • Brad built it to mimic the old growth forests he admired while hiking and backpacking as a kid.
  • For one thing, cheap travel will become a thing of the past - goodbye backpacking trips to Bali and cross-country road trips.
  • No matter the quality of your gear or how fit you are, backpacking is less than comfortable. Backpacking Made Easy
  • I've used the Alpamayo for backpacking and Nordic ski touring and found it very stable.
  • After graduation I spent one more summer knee-deep in humpies and blew everything I earned on a four-month backpacking trip to Europe with Rhonda Dana Stabenow biography
  • When backpacking, carrying your own towel is always a plus.
  • When backpacking, you are in the best possible position to meet new, interesting and often wonderful people, and to visit places likewise.

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