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[ US /ˌɑɹɡjəˈmɛntətɪv/ ]
[ UK /ˌɑːɡjuːmˈɛntətˌɪv/ ]
  1. given to or characterized by argument
    an intelligent but argumentative child
    argumentative to the point of being cantankerous
    an argumentative discourse
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How To Use argumentative In A Sentence

  • If we have spent several class periods introducing conventions of reasoned evidence in argumentative writing, we usually look for such features in student papers.
  • Why do men listen with more strict attention to an inflammatory harangue, that may not be argumentative, than to a prosaical discourse, that is, to an anecdote than to a prayer, to an extravaganza than to a lecture, or derive more pleasure from pantomimic drollery than from Hamlet, or hearing an opera they do not understand than from reading an essay they do. A Controversy Between "Erskine" and "W. M." on the Practicability of Suppressing Gambling.
  • But a stubborn, argumentative child may try to draw you into too many debates as you try to establish a connection.
  • Towards the end of my little encounter with Sophie Ward we argue about whether or not she is argumentative.
  • Strident, assertive saddlebacks begin argumentative vocal duels, their staccato ‘Yak-yak - yak-yak’ in ever longer and louder volleys.
  • I think you would have been in a much better argumentative position to come to us if you had said something at that time.
  • The fact that Antin creates a talk-poetry which is argumentative and deliberative, and rests on thematics that broadly have to do with social and cultural placing, connects up with this.
  • The visitors, too, were in argumentative mood.
  • He wrote it after a stupendously argumentative and productive life as a scholar and writer and as that cruel disease, ALS, was closing in upon him. Twelve Months of Reading
  • But mythological creatures also performed a second, often contrapositive, argumentative function; commentators who rejected evolution regularly did so by dismissing these creatures. Archive 2008-12-01
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