[ US /əˈpɹɑksəmətɫi/ ]
[ UK /ɐpɹˈɒksɪmətlˌi/ ]
  1. (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct
    he's about 30 years old
    lasted approximately an hour
    I've had about all I can stand
    roughly $3,000
    some forty people came
    20 or so people were at the party
    holds 3 gallons, more or less
    weighs around a hundred pounds
    in just about a minute
    we meet about once a month
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How To Use approximately In A Sentence

  • They drifted into the control room and floated above the sensor-generated hologram of the “herd. ” The “herd” consisted of approximately 3,000 mountain-sized blocks of ice that once were comet 2P/Encke. 365 tomorrows » 2006 » September : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day
  • The conservatory measures approximately 13ft x 16ft.
  • All birds were hatched in incubators and kept in brooders until approximately 7 weeks of age, at which time they were moved to 5 x 7 x 4 m outdoor flight pens.
  • Of these, 250 are hospitalized as a result of acute complications, and approximately 100 die from cirrhosis, liver cancer, or fulminant hepatitis.
  • The formation of coral terraces is interpreted as the product of approximately uniform long-term uplift superimposed on eustatic changes in sea level.
  • This camera also supports high-speed continuous shooting of images at the maximum 10-MP size (3648 x 2736) at 10 fps, and offers a sport continuous mode, which allows for continuous shooting at up to approximately 120 fps*, and a function for recording high-definition movies with stereo sound. Digital camera reviews, photography news and views
  • According to the EPA, fish at the top of the aquatic food chain bioaccumulate methylmercury to a level approximately 1 million to 10 million times greater than dissolved concentrations found in surrounding waters. Field and Stream Report: The Truth about Mercury and the Fish You Eat
  • Approximately 88,000 people are on the national organ transplant waiting list, waiting for kidneys, livers, pancreases, intestines, hearts and lungs.
  • This kind of unusual elephant feather same material length approximately 0.8 centimeter.
  • Desiccated liver is approximately 80% protein and is easily broken down and absorbed by the stomach.
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