How To Use Apiarist In A Sentence

  • Awonderfully detailed articlefrom 2001 on bees and one chemical from this family (imidacloprid) was written by an apiarist on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Benn No Buddy to Bees
  • They act today in anticipation of tomorrow, says the author, an avid apiarist and a Columbia Business School professor. The Wisdom of Bees by Michael O'Malley – review
  • Denis van Engelsdorp, Pennsylvania State Apiarist, USA recounted such experiences in American beekeeping history. The honeybee crisis: paradoxical findings deepen the CCD mystery
  • The question is whether the apiarists should be allowed to use public land for the purpose of farming an introduced animal.
  • Apiarist is another term for a person who keeps which creatures? Times, Sunday Times
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  • Like most budding apiarists, my first concern was to avoid getting stung.
  • Growers are very dependent on the skill of the apiarists, who bring along hives full of bees just at the stage when they have need of lots of pollen to feed their brood.
  • Rothberg was particularly proud about a metagenomics analysis of disappearing honey bees.33 Colony collapse disorder CCD was first reported in 2006, by an apiarist who found hundreds of hives in Florida full of honey and larvae, but deserted. The $1,000 Genome
  • Notice this reckless new breed of urban apiarist doesn't even wear a beekeeping suit, which I suppose is the equivalent of riding brakeless. Aftermath: The Calm After the Storm
  • The amateur apiarist was a member of York Beekeepers' Association and became known locally as ‘Mr B the bee man’, for selling honey from his garden gate.
  • Grelet was a skilled apiarist, and replenished his melliferous flocks by wild swarms enticed from the forests. White Shadows in the South Seas
  • For example, Sherlock Holmes retired to live the life of an apiarist in the Sussex Downs, where he wrote his great work, The Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, before being summoned back to London, in His Last Bow, to help capture the German spy Von Bork. The Wisdom of Bees by Michael O'Malley – review
  • It's well worth tracking down your nearest urban apiarist. Times, Sunday Times
  • I was gobsmacked to read what a supposedly "artisan" apiarist is recommending people use on the bees in their care. Bee-wise or Greed-driven
  • Parivartan Sharma/Reuters An apiarist collected honey from a beehive in Madalpur village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Wednesday. India in Pictures
  • Then there was the case of the agonized apiarist: "My bees have swarmed away from their hive," he or she wrote on a Laurel Canyon email list. Jonathan Handel: The Laurel Canyon Goats Are Leaving!
  • An apiarist who happened to be in the area called some other friends and they eventually got the bees back into the hives. Herd the Latest?
  • Every bee larva has the potential to become a queen if properly nourished by its hivemates or an apiarist.

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