How To Use Apian In A Sentence

  • In a very Screwtapian, that is to say diabolic irony, these nobler ideals are often the best disguise for our group selfishness, for we can thereby disguise our primitiveness even from ourselves. Assistant Village Idiot
  • If Bee runs, look for apian puns in the press and on this blog. Archive 2006-11-01
  • Jones also fills the text with knowledgeable references to bee-keeping and the apian colony as utopian ideal.
  • -- Comp.: feónd -, hilde-grâp. grâpian, w. v., _to grasp, to lay hold of, to seize_: þät hire wið halse heard grâpode, _that_ (the sword) _griped hard at her neck_, Beowulf
  • BBC talking about the apian health crisis and the perilous honey business. Emdashes
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  • My bees were living in the very best apian luxury and they refused to come out of the hive to pollinate the flowers in my garden and make honey.
  • Plus, I refuse to use the slave labor products of my captive apian-friends. Bound but not Gagged
  • Football fans will perhaps be unsurprised to learn that the vuvuzela, whose apian drone soundtracked yet another summer of hurt, has blared its way into the dictionary's pages. Climate change and the vuvuzela leave mark on Oxford Dictionary of English
  • Jones also fills the text with knowledgeable references to bee-keeping and the apian colony as utopian ideal.
  • Because the bees do not speak in plain language, but in cryptic phrases that appear nonsensical to those untrained in the apian way. The light that draws the flower
  • It was Apian who first drew the tails of comets pointing away from the sun and not streaming out behind them.
  • I actually had another card ( apian rushmore card ..similar age but a better card) ... Kubuntu Forums
  • -- Comp.: fēond -, hilde-grāp. grāpian, w. v., _to grasp, to lay hold of, to seize_: þæt hire wið halse heard grāpode, _that_ (the sword) _griped hard at her neck_, Beowulf
  • Well, in view of the fact that there is a slave part in it, I shall do just as I said and make it tragi-comedy. nunc hoc me orare a vobis iussit Iuppiter, ut conquaestores singula in subsellia eant per totam caveam spectatoribus, si cui favitores delegates viderint, ut is in cavea pignus capiantur togae; Amphitryo, Asinaria, Aulularia, Bacchides, Captivi Amphitryon, The Comedy of Asses, The Pot of Gold, The Two Bacchises, The Captives
  • The boxes can be variously configured, whether into a two-story wildlife B&B or a high-rise hotel, to suit your apian lodgers 'every need. Fast Company
  • It's maybe three hundred feet down the mountain, so the whole thing is laid out like apian. Running Blind
  • The true colubrine snakes lack poison glands and poison fangs and include the Russian rat snake (the snake our visitors are allowed to pet) and our native Aesculapian snake and grass snake.
  • Far better, then, to plant apian-friendly flowers that will act as service stations for those bees that are already here. Times, Sunday Times
  • It is one of seven Chianti subzones others include Chianti Fiorentini and Chianti Rufina, home to top producers Selvapiana and Frescobaldi. Chianti Without the Candle Wax
  • These are produced by the bees on the outside of the cluster performing what can best be described as highly co-ordinated apian moonies. The Guardian World News
  • Et aliqui sunt homines debitæ quidem staturæ, et formæ, nisi quòd habent pedes equínos, quibus ita sunt præpetes, vt syluestres bestias capiant, quas comedunt, et manducant. The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Mandeville
  • Finally we get 'Catalan' with David's electrapiano and Crumar Stringman doling out the arpeggios for a nice 5-minute progger. Latest reviews @, the ultimate progressive rock music website
  • Critics borrowed the apian metaphor from Seneca's eighty-fourth letter to Lucilius, ‘On Gathering Ideas.’
  • For the human shell is not merely geometrical and architectural, like those of apian or beaverish communities; it holds and expresses all those differences by which we are exalted above the bee or the beaver. Civics: as Applied Sociology
  • But before anyone heads to the nearest hive, bewarned-scientific tests show that apian venom is not the bees' knees. Times, Sunday Times

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