How To Use Aphrodisiacal In A Sentence

  • As far as its 'aphrodisiacal' qualities, K3 made me want to pass out, not bang. The Pitch | Complete Issue
  • No, it's the sheer aphrodisiacal quality of it all. True love among the leotards lifts Britain's 2012 wrestling hopes | Marina Hyde
  • The bird nests are wrongly believed to have aphrodisiacal value and removed.
  • As food historian Andrew F. Smith shows in "Potato: A Global History" Reaktion, 142 pages, $15.95 , even the lowly spud packs a lot of colorful history, including a fleeting aphrodisiacal reputation: It was described by one 16th-century British writer as a lust-enhancing "venerous root. Single Servings
  • A fingernail scraping of ambergris dissolved in water, then added to the sauce, is credited with aphrodisiacal powers - which might help explain its price of ninety dollars per ounce.
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  • Not only are oysters reportedly aphrodisiacal - Casanova famously feasted on them every day - they are a sensuous, zinc-rich texture food full of squelchy, salty juiciness.
  • The drugs produce highs and aphrodisiacal effects and have also been known to cause death.
  • Throw a tax cut their way, the argument goes, and like lovers haplessly lost to the aphrodisiacal effects of ground rhino horn, they'll be putty in your hands.
  • Poetry has long held nearly aphrodisiacal qualities, when employed properly -- that is, when it truly comes from the heart. Mark C. Miller: Pillow Talk: A User's Guide
  • Millennium People" presents a parallel-reality London convulsed by revolution and terrorism, but the novel is also about the sterility of modern comforts and the aphrodisiacal thrill of rebellion. 'The Bonfire Of the Volvos'
  • A different kind at each school is recommended, and the element of danger at enrolment time will lend an aphrodisiacal quality to the proceedings.
  • The tiger in question is a critically endangered species whose body parts fetch astronomical prices in China for their imagined aphrodisiacal properties. Manhunt Tales To Track Down
  • It's one of the most powerful aphrodisiacal plants on earth.
  • If we were to discover that apples have definite aphrodisiacal qualities—or, in the specific case of Californians, if we were to discover that apples have hallucinogenic attributes previously unknown—the demand for apples would increase, causing the price of apples to rise. RETURN TO PROSPERITY

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