1. related to or affected by aphasia
    aphasic speech
  2. unable to speak because of a brain lesion
  1. someone affected by aphasia or inability to use or understand language
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How To Use aphasic In A Sentence

  • Far less condescending to call that black candidate an aphasic idiot than to call him or her "articulate. BREAKING: Biden Unloads On Clinton, Obama, Edwards
  • The girl was aphasic because of brain damage suffered during a difficult birth.
  • aphasic speech
  • In April 1860, he had suddenly become unconscious, and although he partly recovered, he remained aphasic.
  • The receptive aphasics among the participants detected that the woman was lying 73 percent of the time.
  • Most recent evidence shows that some infants who undego brain surgery do indeed suffer language impairment; and, conversely, that some aphasic adults may relocate part of their language functions in the right hemisphere (p. 98) A is for Age (of onset) « An A-Z of ELT
  • If the patient is aphasic and is unable to follow commands, the physician should have the patient attempt imitative responses.
  • From a neuropsychiatrie viewpoint, the pattern for schizophrenia is an illness that develops in a young adult without known CNS coarse disease, and is characterized by motor and receptive aprosodia; frontal lobe and cerebellar motor dysregulation; perceptual disturbances; and fluent, paraphasic speech with intact repetition. The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry
  • Although awake at times, she was aphasic and incommunicative, at least to the physicians.
  • Like he recognizes it is English but in some aphasic way it doesnt make sense Think Progress » Limbaugh compares Pelosi to a terrorist for saying passing health care is more important than re-election.
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