[ UK /ˌæpɐθˈɛtɪk/ ]
[ US /ˌæpəˈθɛtɪk/ ]
  1. showing little or no emotion or animation
    a woman who became active rather than apathetic as she grew older
  2. marked by a lack of interest
    the universe is neither hostile nor friendly; it is simply indifferent
    an apathetic audience
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How To Use apathetic In A Sentence

  • Today's young people are said to be the most apathetic generation ever.
  • Certainly, this apathetic behaviour can be explained in part by disappointment with a government that many feel has not lived up to its rousing promises of four years ago.
  • Apathetic patients become unmotivated and uninterested in their surroundings.
  • Authority is there to counteract the piggy part of the self, the part that wants nothing more than to wallow in muck, doing nothing, staying stubbornly inert and apathetic. An Education « Tales from the Reading Room
  • Hannah McGill called the movie a ‘challenge to apathetic, vapidly amoral cinematic shock tactics’.
  • Fromm talks about the fact that sometimes we see corruption at the highest level of our government and then people remain apathetic and don't even bother to vote. Riding the Winds of Change
  • Young people today are so apathetic about politics.
  • In the light of our foregoing discussion, it is clear that letting deflation happen must not be simply equated to an apathetic resignation before the power of mysterious forces and blind market mechanisms.
  • Young people today are so apathetic about politics.
  • Once or twice the latter attempts –rather apathetically – to regain its former rhythm, before both make towards a steady walking pace.
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