[ UK /ɐpˈɑːt/ ]
[ US /əˈpɑɹt/ ]
  1. one from the other
    people can't tell the twins apart
  2. not taken into account or excluded from consideration
    these problems apart, the country is doing well
    all joking aside, I think you're crazy
  3. away from another or others
    kept apart from the group out of shyness
    decided to live apart
    they grew apart over the years
  4. separated or at a distance in place or position or time
    stood with his legs apart
    These towns are many miles apart
    born two years apart
  5. into parts or pieces
    he took his father's watch apart
    torn asunder
    split apart
  6. placed or kept separate and distinct as for a purpose
    a day set aside for relaxing
    quality sets it apart
    had a feeling of being set apart
  1. remote and separate physically or socially
    preserved because they inhabited a place apart
    tiny isolated villages remote from centers of civilization
    an obscure village
    existed over the centuries as a world apart
  2. having characteristics not shared by others
    scientists felt they were a group apart
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How To Use apart In A Sentence

  • Apart from any other objection, a different classification would be reached if the characters were used in a different sequence.
  • Everyone's at it - apart from a few notable and honourable exceptions. The Sun
  • If there was any hope of holding on to even a shred of her dwindling self-respect, she should do exactly what she knew Margo would do—close the laptop, take her de-scrunchied, perfumed, and nearly thonged self down to the nearest club, pick up the first passably good-looking stranger who asked her to dance, and bring him back to the apartment for some safe but anonymous sex. Goodnight Tweetheart
  • Rows of brick garden apartments all backed onto a massive common garden: a shared backyard for children to play, dogs to gambol, and families to eat picnics together. Day of Honey
  • They propagated political doctrines which promised to tear apart the fabric of British society.
  • Hatching may be synchronous or asynchronous (one or two days apart).
  • I blame it all on becca who called me in the middle of the night to talk to me all about how the two best friends names are Kate and Becca and that the main character lives in apartment 601 as my address and other kooky details that i have been trying to forget nightly since i saw that movie, And then every sound is that kid coming out of the television and im only writing about it now in order to expunge as i fear she will grab hold of my foot from under the desk and eat me or turn me into something decomposing or whatever it is she does. I-claudius Diary Entry
  • They've deliberately gone against my wishes and sold the apartment.
  • He spent three days in jail after smashing up an apartment, and has done time in a drug rehabilitation centre.
  • Adolescence causes the four girls to understand their apartness and question their identities.
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