How To Use Aortal In A Sentence

  • The aortal trunk, G, of the arterial system is disposed along the median line, as well for its own safety as for the fitting distribution of those branches which spring symmetrically from either side of it to supply the lateral regions of the body. Surgical Anatomy
  • Two longtime friends, Michael Parver and Don Smith, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Diehl died of an aortal aneurysm. Archive 2006-11-26
  • On the other hand, the grave risks that were hidden in those leaked documents, as well as in all the other government distortions, cover-ups, and lies of the past decade, have been graphically illustrated in aortal red. The Full Feed from
  • My aortal anneurism was NOT “my own fault”, despite the fact that every picture of me on the internet shows me as overweight and smoking a cigarette. Matthew Yglesias » Homework
  • Unfortunately. this inspirational, kind man recently passed away at the age of 69 from an aortal aneurysm. TOC: Steampunk edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer
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  • I did not strike deeply enough to injure him, to rupture or tear open his body, slashing the stomach or crushing the aortal (pg. 58) tube, only enough to stop him, definitely. Mercenaries Of Gor
  • Please upgrade my already two-year expired pepper spray with these aortal penetrators and throat-slashing podial protectors. Splendora -
  • 'Why, you had just been saying something, and Dr Nicholls said: "If he had got aneurism of the aortal his days are numbered."' Wives and Daughters
  • If the heart be injected from the abdominal aorta, the aortal arch will flatten against the sternum. Surgical Anatomy
  • There are, indeed, several great aortal lines, which connect the coal-fields with each other or with the metropolis, the head of the body; or the metropolis with the Continent; but, in every other direction, it will be observed that the railway system becomes sluggish in proportion to its distance from a coal-field, the traffic subdividing and dwindling away like the arterial streams of the animal body. The Coal Question~ Of British Invention

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