[ US /ˌæntiˈtæŋk/ ]
[ UK /ˌæntɪtˈæŋk/ ]
  1. designed for defense against armored vehicles
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How To Use antitank In A Sentence

  • The antitank SPG-9 “Kopyo” (“Spear”) grenade machine is not an automatic but recoilless gun. It consists of a trunk with a lock, a tripod stand and an electric mechanism which serves for firing.
  • Next, we came across a wide canal or antitank ditch that was filled with water.
  • Fighters used wire-guided antitank missiles to destroy heavily fortified concrete pillboxes at Israeli and South Lebanon Army positions. A Privilege to Die
  • They include field guns, which fire with a flat trajectory, howitzers and mortars, which have arching trajectories, antitank guns, firing high-velocity shot, and self-propelled guns.
  • Rifle grenades, land mines, dynamite, antitank guns, mortar shells.
  • Mortar rounds, bullets, and antitank rockets all exploded harmlessly on the armored sides of the ship.
  • The vehicle-mounted TOW (tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided missile), which is the main antitank surface weapon, leaves the "gunner hanging out to fry," as one old sergeant explained. 'We'll Win, But...'
  • It fired a guided antitank missile in addition to conventional tank rounds and a special antipersonnel round containing thousands of tiny dartlike flechettes.
  • Troops deploying for the North Africa Campaign were issued antitank rockets, known as bazookas, with no previous instruction as to their technical or tactical employment.
  • The 120 mm antitank round, using a depleted uranium core, penetrated the earthen berms protecting enemy tanks and destroyed them.
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