1. the antiparticle of a quark
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How To Use antiquark In A Sentence

  • Antiquarks have the colour charges antired, antiblue or antigreen. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2004 - Information for the Public
  • The quarks always be found couples on particle groups called meson (consist of quark and antiquark) and baryon (consist from three quarks). New Blogs and RSS Feeds
  • The simplest hadrons are therefore mesons made from a quark and antiquark pair (where the difference is zero), and baryons made of three quarks (where the difference is three).
  • There are no antiprotons or antineutrons, made up from antiquarks, except for a few that physicists produce in large particle accelerators.
  • According to quantum field theory, gluons and pairs of light quarks and antiquarks should be spontaneously emitted and re-absorbed by the quarks and gluons inside hadrons.
  • Most particles are either mesons, which contain a quark and an antiquark, or baryons, which comprise three quarks or three antiquarks.
  • A neutral pion consists of a down quark and a down antiquark.
  • I've labeled the charges as q and q-bar for quark and antiquark, but that's modern terminology that might not have been present in the early days of string theory.
  • In this scheme, quark-antiquark pairs form kaons, pions, and other mesons, while triplets of quarks form protons, neutrons, and numerous heavier cousins that appeared in accelerator experiments.
  • b (10890), a tetraquark meson formed of an up flavour "diquark" (quark-antiquark pair) and a bottom flavour diquark, is very close in mass to Y (5S). all content
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