1. (usually followed by `to') strongly opposed
    clearly indisposed to grant their request
    antipathetic to new ideas
    loath to go on such short notice
    averse to taking risks
  2. characterized by antagonism or antipathy
    antipathetic factions within the party
    slaves antagonistic to their masters
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How To Use antipathetical In A Sentence

  • To this impressionable man, Parisian badinage -- not to call it anything stronger -- was positively antipathetical. Chopin : the Man and His Music
  • But of all Orientals, the most antipathetical companion to an Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah
  • In the first place, because Mawley was so antipathetical to me, that I dearly loved to combat his assertions; and, secondly, on account of his disparaging my beau ideal of all that is grand and good in a writer and in man. She and I, Volume 1
  • He was an antipathetical being, with a peculiar power and gift of treading on everybody's tenderest place. The Uncommercial Traveller
  • Europe, sympathize also as closely with the Austrian system as the character of the emperor Joseph was antipathetical to it. Germany from the Earliest Period Volume 4
  • Just as you can tell at sight whether certain persons attract or repel you, through some unknown, nameless influence that you are unable to fathom; so, in like degree, can you decide -- that is, if you possess a naturally sensitive mind -- whether they are drawn towards yourself or remain antipathetical. She and I, Volume 1
  • The hornets and wasps were antipathetical, and it was possible to use one or the other, but not both simultaneously. Conan the Indomitable
  • It was the first rule of the experienced hostess to get her antipathetical guests on soft cushions, naturally: stand-up rows were less easy to pursue when sitting down. The Alamut Ambush
  • Love is sometimes the growth of degrees: it may also bound into existence in a moment; for there is a certain sympathetic attraction between some persons, as there is between others an antipathetical, repulsive force. She and I, Volume 1
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