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[ UK /ˌæntɪpɐθˈɛtɪk/ ]
  1. (usually followed by `to') strongly opposed
    clearly indisposed to grant their request
    antipathetic to new ideas
    loath to go on such short notice
    averse to taking risks
  2. characterized by antagonism or antipathy
    antipathetic factions within the party
    slaves antagonistic to their masters
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How To Use antipathetic In A Sentence

  • And so a culture is created that is antipathetic to innovation and artistic experiment.
  • It fuels the movements that are antipathetic to our values and way of life.
  • Whilst I, perhaps bizarrely, think positively about him, it is a fact that his voting record in the House of Commons has, over many years, been antipathetic to the cause of homosexual equality.
  • Without a compulsory voting system like that practiced in Australia, Korean voting patterns are characterized as apathetic and antipathetic, and this trend is distorting the true feelings of the public on polling day.
  • These nations are antipathetic ( al ) to each other and cannot unite.
  • Although personally antipathetic to his modernist pioneering spirit, I have been seduced time and again by the ravishing sounds that he produces.
  • antipathetic to new ideas
  • The hornets and wasps were antipathetical, and it was possible to use one or the other, but not both simultaneously. Conan the Indomitable
  • But this encompassment of her own characterization, based on shreds of convention, peopled by phantoms and voices antipathetic to her, was a sorry and mistaken creation of Tess's fancy -- a cloud of moral hobgoblins by which she was terrified without reason. Tess of the d'Urbervilles
  • It was the first rule of the experienced hostess to get her antipathetical guests on soft cushions, naturally: stand-up rows were less easy to pursue when sitting down. The Alamut Ambush
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